Otto Lugger releases new EP ‘Recombining’

The music composer known as Otto Lugger has released his latest EP record, “Recombining.” The EP comprises five original tracks for an approximate total listening time of 20 minutes. It has been released on the United Studios Multimedia Collective independent music label. Ambient, spacious and thronged with subtle complexities interwoven throughout, “Recombining” by Otto Lugger is a work of sonic art that expresses the inborn connectivity of all things.


Otto Lugger is the stage name of digital musician Luis Marques. For “Recombining,” Marques has enlisted the instrumental talents of Ricardo Gordo. Gordo plays Portugese guitar against and intertwined with variously textured layers of electronic music composed by Marques. Marques calls the process by which he braids Gordo’s guitar with these digital patterns ‘recombination;’ hence, the title of the EP.


“Listeners will be transported from the acoustic and traditional to the modern and electronic,” says Marques of Otto Lugger. “This is the combination that I want them to perceive, the mix between the old and the new. The [style of] Portuguese guitar recorded in this EP is very popular and is used nowadays in all kinds of genres besides Fado (a very traditional genre in Portugal). I made these songs to mix this traditional approach to the modern and electronic field, a new way to ‘look’ at the Portuguese guitar.”


Otto Lugger’s new EP also boasts cover artwork by Soraia Claro. Her image makes a clear representation of underlying patterns in material and organic space, much like the songs of “Recombining,” themselves.


Otto Lugger cites as main artistic influences Aes Dana, Alva Noto, Brian Eno, Diamond Versions, Ryoji Ikeda, and Amon Tobin. Luis Marques learned piano first at the age of nine, after which he trained in acoustic and bass guitar. He earned his Electronic Music Degree in 2005 and his Interactive Music Master’s in 2009. He has developed software for real-time performances, generative music composition, graphic environments for electronic-music performance, and more. His current work for Contemporary Music is on granular audio software, which aims to create sounds in real time based on a sequencer. He last worked on generating drum patterns using artificial-intelligence algorithms.


“Recombining” by Otto Lugger is available online worldwide. Fans of ambient music and Portugese guitar should get in early.


-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer


“Recombining” by Otto Lugger –



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