TJ Thompson releases new single ‘Out of Dreams’

Independent singer and songwriter TJ Thompson has released his latest single, “Out of Dreams.” The track has been proudly published on the WFD Records independent music label without support from the corporate music industry. It has been released concurrently with an accompanying B-side track, “Floodgates.” Together the tracks have an approximate listening time of 10 minutes. Heartfelt, passionate, rich in tonal complexity and written with an ear for both Brit-pop sonorousness and lyric poetry, “Out of Dreams” stands as a fine example of how songwriting and solo rock projects may be perfectly married.


Asked to cite a few main artistic influences, TJ Thompson replies with tongue firmly in cheek: “Radiohead, Radiohead, Radiohead, Neil Young, Radiohead.” But despite his modest nod to what he considers the most obvious of his stylistic underpinnings, still there remain a great many attributes in “Out of Dreams” and “Floodgates” which are Thompson’s own and his own only.


Perhaps most notably, both tracks are more earnest and less dependent on studio production. A raw, natural talent shines through the careful and expert mixing of TJ Thompson’s music which pairs properly with the clarity of his instrumental performances and purity of vocal deliveries. His songwriting, couched in the modern mode of alternative rock, mixes the best elements of traditional folk songwriting with those of British pop music. The result is a blend far less pretentious, potentially much more effective for lasting power and greater re-playability.


Writing candidly of the themes of his new single(s), TJ Thompson writes, “I try to write songs that allow the listener to apply it to whatever they want. So hopefully they can connect to the music, then apply the lyrics to whatever makes them feel better, or whatever they wish to imagine.”


TJ Thompson, 28, is a native of Madison, WI and has been playing music for most of his life.


“I always loved it since I was a kid,” he writes. “My brother and cousins were in a band, and I wanted to do that too. The minute I picked up a guitar, I knew I wanted to write and record music the rest of my life.”


He describes an inborn urge to create with the same acuity with which he crafts his songs and words.

“Being able to create something in the form of sound, something that did not exist five minutes before you wrote it, is a great feeling. Sound is easiest thing to invent but it’s the hardest thing to make good. That’s why I love making music – the challenge. Once I write a song, I wanna write one that’s even better. I strive for the perfect song. Once I get that, I’ll stop writing music. Good thing I’m not perfect.”


“Out of Dreams” by TJ Thompson is available online worldwide.


-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer


“Out of Dreams” by TJ Thompson –
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