Bozea releases debut single ‘Countin’ 100’s’

The rapper and producer of rap and hip hop known as Bozea has released his debut single, “Countin’ 100’s.” The track has been proudly released without support from the corporate music industry on the Full Profit Entertainment music label. Gritty, aggressive, and coming from one of the street’s most direct urban poets, “Countin’ 100’s” pulls no punches and proves that Bozea is one of Cleveland’s voices to hear in 2014.


Bozea cites as main music inspirations such legends of the mic as Kanye West, Tupac Shakur, Scarface, Snoop Doggy Dogg (now Snoop Lion), 50 Cent, and the Notorious B.I.G. As such, his own single, “Countin’ 100’s” is a blend of hardcore, old-school themes and cutting-edge tones and styles. He has been making his own brand of hip hop since his early days at high school.


Asked to discuss his start in music, Bozea writes concisely, “[I started in music] at age 12, experiencing and seeing rugged things in the streets.” Appropriately, he states that his music paints a non-fictional portrait of growing up in the inner city. “[My music describes] realities of the ‘hood and of street life,” he writes. “This particular song focuses on my status and the passion to make money.”


Bozea takes his name partially from his nickname, “Bo.” His official artist’s bio states that “he is noted for having a prophetical flow full of truth in the likeness of a prophet,” wherefore the second half of his name is taken from the Biblical character, Hosea.


Bozea’s understanding of the hardships of the street are genuine. After moving at the age of 16 to East Cleveland, he began selling hard drugs and was eventually sentenced to three years in prison. He spent his time at Lima Correctional Institution boxing and attending college. Years later, he has since co-founded the Full Profit Ent. record label and earned his Assoc. Degree in Business Admin. with a 3.95 GPA.


“Countin’ 100’s” by Bozea is available online worldwide.


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Rapper Klutch releases new single ‘That’s Klutch’

The rapper, songwriter, and performer of hip-hop music known as Klutch has released his latest single, “That’s Klutch.” The single has been produced by Hollywood Legend and published on the Halo Nation LLC music label. “That’s Klutch” is the first official release from the hip-hop artist which will be promoted over public radio, and has been edited for radio play. Rhythmic, bassy, and packed with lyrical flips and turns to entertain listeners with ears for urban poetry, “That’s Klutch” is the most recent reason why fans of rap and hip hop have been paying so much attention to this rapidly climbing star of the street.


Klutch cites as main artistic influences such musicians as Eminem, Tupac Shakur, Dr. Dre, Jay Z, Drake, Lupe Fiasco, Metallica, Guns ‘n’ Roses, and Michael Jackson. As this widely varied grab bag of monumental talents may imply, “That’s Klutch” showcases Klutch’s sound and style to be an eclectic mix of tones from the old school and the new, with polished horn samples and catchy piano melodies, sonic elements in both the high and low frequencies. The back beat leaves plenty of space for groove while remaining one of the song’s best attributes. The beats don’t try to be the main attraction, however, which spotlight is appropriately taken up by Klutch, himself.


Asked to comment on the direction he and Hollywood Legend took with his new single, Klutch writes, “[I think] the song shows my lyrical ability flowing smoothly on a non-traditional hip-hop beat, showing my diversity of skills.”


Hailing originally from the Philippines, Klutch was born in 1987 and raised in Abqaiq, Saudi Arabia. He moved to America for schooling without his family when he was 15 years old, and is now based in Milwaukee, WI. Klutch had learned to play guitar by the age of 12. Talent shows and other public venues gave him all the room he needed to develop his stage presence and delivery, and by the time he had reached his junior year of college, the public started to take notice.


“In 2010,” writes Klutch, “my junior year in college, it transitioned from a hobby to a career. The rest is history.”


Klutch is expected by many audiophiles to be the first Filipino/Asian hip-hop artist to break out of the underground scene.


“That’s Klutch” by Klutch, produced by Hollywood Legend, is available online worldwide. Get in early.


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MondoTunes Dubstep Contest winner SubOxyde releases new single ‘Ballistic’

The composer and producer of digital music known as SubOxyde has released his new single, “Ballistic.” The dubstep single garnered SubOxyde a first-place win in the 2014 Official MondoTunes’ Dubstep Contest, making him the Grand Prize Winner for the electronic dance music subgenre. The contest had been hosted by MondoTunes, DarkElixir, Audeze, Audix, and PlayMeRecords, and was judged by dubstep experts such as DarkElixir, Reid Speed and James Mormile. “Ballistic” is a bass-heavy, ingenious example of what sets dubstep apart from other electronica music categories, and solid proof that SubOxyde is a digital producer to watch out for in the coming months.


St. Louis’ SubOxyde cites as main artistic influences such DJs, producers and musicians as D-jahsta, Cyberoptics, 12gauge, Mantis, Datsik, Downlink, Getter, Sadhu, Jphelpz, Barron, and Megalodon. His sounds are earmarked for their particularly low frequencies, a loud statement in a genre populated by bass sounds. Asked to describe the message his award-winning single has for fans and listeners around the world, SubOxyde writes only, “Drop bass, melt face ;).”


Like many young composers of digital music, SubOxyde cut his teeth on a Mixman DM2 before adding the popular music production platform, FLStudio to his digital audio workstation. His official bio paints a colorfully accurate picture of his sound using descriptive language which showcases not only the tone and feel of “Ballistic,” but also the imagination which achieved it:


“[SubOxyde’s] surgically detailed masterpieces have everything – twisted, churning, robotic bass lines which morph continuously like they’re speaking to your subconscious, sublimely hypnotic melodies and clever little twists packed deep into every bar of his rich, seismic bangers. Producing from an early age, there is no end in sight, no limits to what can be created in SubOxyde’s hands. An open mind and attention to the tiniest, most minute elements lay the foundation for his signature LOW Frequency, HIGH Voltage works! This is a no-brainer folks, top-quality Dubstep all the way for the heads, and amazingly dynamic soundtracks for the quality bass-music aficionados.”


The award-winning “Ballistic” by SubOxyde is available online worldwide. Get in early.


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Nmisol releases new single ‘I’m a Cowboy Forever’

The rapper, music producer, singer and songwriter known as Nmisol (In My Soul) has released his new single, “I’m a Cowboy Forever.” The track has been added to the official Dallas Cowboys play list and is considered by many fans to be the definitive anthem of the Dallas Cowboys national football team. It has been released on the J26 Publishing music label. Heavy hitting and direct with a sonic aggression that matches the vigor and spirit of the Dallas Cowboys, themselves, “I’m a Cowboy Forever” by Nmisol is the song every Dallas super fan can agree on as a background score for the real action on the field.


Asked to describe the theme of his song, “I’m a Cowboy Forever,” Nmisol writes simply, “This song demonstrates my passion, and the passion of others, toward the Dallas Cowboys.”


The rapper cites as main artistic influences such legends as Michael Jackson, Prince, and El Debarge, as well as “by the southern roots of Memphis, TN,” his place of birth. His official Facebook page describes his music concisely, saying that his “style and delivery has mainstream sound, while captivating the listener with inspiring words. Nmisol’s delivery is real, and applies to everyday life and the struggle that we all go through to keep the faith through hard times.”


Nmisol has been a diehard Dallas Cowboys fan since the 1980s. He has performed for thousands of Cowboys fans all over the world, including at AT&T Stadium for Cowboys vs. Steelers. He has also performed with the popular Dallas-area rap crew, the Lab Boys, with whom he performed as an opening act for such headliners as Petey Pablo and Cash Money, as well as at various high-profile car shows. Nmisol also recorded two studio albums with the Lab Boys and received plentiful and positive reviews.


“I’m a Cowboy Forever” by Nmisol is available online worldwide.


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Therapie Primitive releases new single ‘What the Difference Is’

The Brooklyn band known as Therapie Primitive have released their latest single, “What the Difference Is,” featuring Toronto singer and songwriter, G. Krissa. The track has been published proudly and independently without support from the corporate music infrastructure. It has been bundled online with a B-side track, “Already.” Both tracks have been edited for play on public radio. “What the Difference Is” has also been concurrently released with a corresponding official music video (link provided below). Rhythmic, chill, and endlessly stylish, “What the Difference Is” stands as evidence that the borough that first made the beats still has the best bass, even now in the 21st century.


Therapie Primitive describes their particular brand of electronica music as down-tempo dance-funk and soul music. Though this string of adjectives may seem cluttered, Therapie Primitive’s signature rolling grooves are anything but. Like the scalloping of dark water as low clouds come in above the ocean, Therapie Primitive have a highly textured surface with impeccably smooth undertones.


The band’s official bio talks of their music as “gumbo for the ears.”


“[Our music is] a mixture of organic performances (human elements) and sounds that cross all boundaries and cultures,” it states. “A gumbo is made up of lots of strong, individual ingredients that stand out on their own, contributing to the richness of the dish. Therapie Primitive makes its own brand of musical gumbo, a dish in which the sum is greater than its parts.”


Therapie Primitive have been picking up steam since the widespread, positive reception of their instrumental track, “Bain Douche.” The project features varying vocal talent from around the world, and has included the famous R ‘n’ B singer, Carmen Bascombe.


“What the Difference Is” by Therapie Primitive is available online worldwide. Get in early.


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Saxophone quartet Art&Sax release new EP ‘Gare Saint Lazare’

The international saxophone quartet known as Art&Sax have released their new EP record, “Gare Saint Lazare.” The EP is composed of six tracks for an approximate total listening time of half an hour, making for a round introduction to one of the world’s most eclectic and ingenious groups of classical performers. It has been released on New York City’s best-kept musical secret, the underground Scotch and Murder independent record label, which is known as the publisher of albums by such popular musicians as Fjazz and Krychek among others.


The “Gare Saint Lazare” EP by Art&Sax features well-known and loved classical pieces by the likes of Gabriel Pierne, Peter Tchaikovsky, and Johann S. Bach. These titles include such popular works as “Gare Saint Lazare,” “String Quartet No. 1, Op. 11, Mvt 2. Adagio,” “Introduction et Variations Sur un Ronde Populaire,” “Brandenburg Concerto No.3, Mvt 1. Allegro Moderato,” “Brandenburg Concerto No.3, Mvt 2. Adagio,” and “Brandenburg Concerto No.3, Mvt 3. Allegro.”


The title track, “Gare Saint Lazare,” is named after the second-busiest rail yard in Paris, which is also the second-busiest such station in all of Europe. It has been the subject of many works of art including one famous painting by Claude Monet. The cover art for Art&Sax’s “Gare Saint Lazare” is also a fine representation of the building, itself.


At the heart of Art&Sax is their co-founder and baritone saxophonist, Fernando Arruda. Arruda’s bio at his official website describes him as “an expert in music theory, history and performance (School of Music of Brasilia; University of Brasilia; Australia’s Performance Arts Unit; The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music, Eugene Lang College), Fernando Arruda graduated both as a performer (B.F.A.) and as a historian (B.A.). Currently he pursues a Master’s Degree (M.M.) at New York University’s Steinhardt for Film Scoring, Multimedia, and Concert Composition.”


“Gare Saint Lazare” is the debut record from Art&Sax and Arruda’s first classical release.


“Gare Saint Lazare” by Art&Sax is available online worldwide.


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DJ Pad releases new LP ‘A Trip in My House Part 2’

The French composer and producer of digital music called DJ Pad has released his latest LP record album, “A Trip in My House Part 2.” Like his previous material, it has been published on the 4000 Records music label. The LP is the third full-length record to be officially released from Pad in less than a single season. It is the latest in a series with which Pad has been cataloging his sonic personality with precision, efficiency, ingenuity and imagination the EDM world has perhaps never seen before.


DJ Pad’s “Dubstep: First Strike” album appeared in May, boasting a whopping two-and-a-half hours of EDM, to be closely followed by “A Trip in My House Part 1” in the latter part of the same month. As the first installment of DJ Pad’s new series, “A Trip in My House Part 1” also came out of the box with over 150 minutes of music, meaning that the unbelievably prolific DJ Pad released approximately 60 original songs in the month of May alone. This latest edition, “A Trip in My House Part 2” has capped this achievement with yet another 30 songs, making for a grand total of seven-and-a-half-hours of excellently creative, colorful, and engaging digital music from Pad in less than twelve weeks.


DJ Pad has cited as personal influences such artists as Afrojack, Sebastian, Swedish House Mafia, Infected Mushrooms, ATB, Cosmic Gate, Atomic Cat, as well as founding fathers of the scene such as Hanz Zimmer and Mike Oldfield.


High points of interest on “A Trip in My House Part 2” include the delicate and classical, “Poizon” and the baroque-inspired “One More Kiss.” DJ Pad shows off his old-school, house music chops in “Time to Wake Up” and “Remember Me,” both of which are especially suited for playing at dance clubs at midnight anywhere in the world. “Yet Another Track,” shows what Pad can do with live, mixed and highly varied instrumentation. This proves to be quite a lot, as Pad has more than 16 years playing accordion and understands melodious interplay explicitly.


DJ Pad’s official bio states that he has written and produced more than 500 songs in about 30 different genres, but focusing mostly on electro-house, trance, and dubstep. He has been making beats since late 2008.


“A Trip in My House Part 2” by DJ Pad is available online worldwide. It stands as a monument to one of the most inspirational work ethics music has ever known.


-S. McCauley

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