Bar Code Born releases double singles ‘I Miss the You I Knew’ and ‘Still Crazy for You’

The singer and songwriter known as Bar Code Born has released two new single tracks, “I Miss the You I Knew” and “Still Crazy for You.” The singles have been made available as a bundled duo in the tradition of the single and B-side 7” record. They have been proudly published as independent releases entirely without support from the corporate music industry. Impeccably produced, cleverly written and masterfully performed, Bar Code Born’s “I Miss the You I Knew” and “Still Crazy for You” have a style all their own and are likely to appeal to a broad range of music fans.


Bar Code Born’s new tracks are variously categorized as electronica and pop music, though they can also be found in the indie pop and alternative rock bins, among others. The artist cites as main music influences Smashing Pumpkins and the Psychedelic Furs, as well as the singer-songwriters of the oldies genre. Fans of these are likely to be well pleased with the similarities they find in these new offerings from Bar Code Born. Full, lush harmonies and melodic song structures make “I Miss the You I Knew” and “Still Crazy for You” excellent additions to any music lover’s collection.


Speaking of the themes of his new songs, Bar Code Born writes, “The songs take listeners on a complex journey between missing the old honeymoon phase days of relationships … but at the same time growing into a more mature love where ‘crazy days are over,’ but still being passionate where dreams can fade but somehow stay.”

Bar Code Born began as the three-piece band, Barbie’s Gun in 2001, but changed their name due to lawsuit threats from Mattel, Inc. They have been courted by music labels such as Jet Speed Records and received an award from the Unisong International Songwriting Competition. They have previously been awarded a grant from the Arts and Cultural Council for Greater Rochester, and featured on public television WROC channel 8.


“I Miss the You I Knew” and “Still Crazy for You” by Bar Code Born are available online worldwide beginning 3 August 2014.


-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer


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