Saxophone quartet Art&Sax release new EP ‘Gare Saint Lazare’

The international saxophone quartet known as Art&Sax have released their new EP record, “Gare Saint Lazare.” The EP is composed of six tracks for an approximate total listening time of half an hour, making for a round introduction to one of the world’s most eclectic and ingenious groups of classical performers. It has been released on New York City’s best-kept musical secret, the underground Scotch and Murder independent record label, which is known as the publisher of albums by such popular musicians as Fjazz and Krychek among others.


The “Gare Saint Lazare” EP by Art&Sax features well-known and loved classical pieces by the likes of Gabriel Pierne, Peter Tchaikovsky, and Johann S. Bach. These titles include such popular works as “Gare Saint Lazare,” “String Quartet No. 1, Op. 11, Mvt 2. Adagio,” “Introduction et Variations Sur un Ronde Populaire,” “Brandenburg Concerto No.3, Mvt 1. Allegro Moderato,” “Brandenburg Concerto No.3, Mvt 2. Adagio,” and “Brandenburg Concerto No.3, Mvt 3. Allegro.”


The title track, “Gare Saint Lazare,” is named after the second-busiest rail yard in Paris, which is also the second-busiest such station in all of Europe. It has been the subject of many works of art including one famous painting by Claude Monet. The cover art for Art&Sax’s “Gare Saint Lazare” is also a fine representation of the building, itself.


At the heart of Art&Sax is their co-founder and baritone saxophonist, Fernando Arruda. Arruda’s bio at his official website describes him as “an expert in music theory, history and performance (School of Music of Brasilia; University of Brasilia; Australia’s Performance Arts Unit; The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music, Eugene Lang College), Fernando Arruda graduated both as a performer (B.F.A.) and as a historian (B.A.). Currently he pursues a Master’s Degree (M.M.) at New York University’s Steinhardt for Film Scoring, Multimedia, and Concert Composition.”


“Gare Saint Lazare” is the debut record from Art&Sax and Arruda’s first classical release.


“Gare Saint Lazare” by Art&Sax is available online worldwide.


-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer


Gare Saint Lazare” by Art&Sax –


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