Hung Phuc Ly and Alchymie release new LP ‘Dreamscape’

The composers and musicians known as Hung Phuc Ly and Alchymie have released their latest new-age LP record, “Dreamscape.” The album is entirely instrumental and has been proudly published as an independent release entirely without support from the corporate music industry. Sculpted using Native American flutes, piano, and a variety of digital production and other instrumentation, “Dreamscape” is a ship to a world within our world that lies just beyond the threshold of commonplace concerns, a place where the mind and its natural surroundings become one.


Asked to cite main artistic influences, Hung Phuc Ly and Alchymie’s Jennifer Theuer Ruzicka present a clear, concise list: “nature, meditation, and the healing qualities of music,” they write.


The flowing nature of their compositions on “Dreamscape” demonstrates what this means to them. The sounds soothe, but also carry the listener in the way that various forms of meditation have been known to bring human consciousness to places unreachable by usual means. Hung Phuc Ly and Alchymie describe the overall theme of “Dreamscape” thus:


“A sense of peace, introspection, and a way to connect with nature that is part of our very DNA which we sometimes lose in the chaos of 21st-century living. The Native American flute has a timeless, almost haunting quality that can transport listeners to a completely different place and time, somewhere where they can create their own dreamscape.”


This is where the real therapy can occur while listening to Hung Phuc Ly with Alchymie.


“Within this dreamscape we can perhaps discover those quieter and elusive emotions or thoughts we tend to overlook,” write the musicians.


“Dreamscape” by Hung Phuc Ly and Alchymie is available online worldwide beginning 11 July 2014.


The following are selections from the artists’ official bio pages:


Hung Phuc Ly was born in South Vietnam and taken to the USA as part of “Operation Babylift” in 1975. He was on the last flight to leave Saigon for the United States, where he was adopted
by a family from Minnesota. He grew up in rural Rockford and has spent his lifetime not only
discovering who he is now, but also where he came from. Hung Phuc Ly believes in the healing qualities of the Native American flute and the sound it produces. He feels that the sound of wood is ingrained in our DNA and that by playing a wood flute one can harness nature, itself. Hung has been playing the Native American flute for eight years. He has studied piano, guitar, and choir at the college level.


Alchymie was started by pianist and composer Jennifer Theuer Ruzicka as a platform for her instrumental recordings. The art of alchemy is believed to have the power of transformation, much like music does with it’s listeners. It is with this in mind that Jennifer Theuer Ruzicka composes, records, and performs for Alchymie. Trained as a classical pianist Jennifer has been performing and composing for over 25 years internationally for major label artists and independent artists as well.


Ruzicka has recorded and toured for independent and major label artists in the USA and in Europe, such as international R&B recording artist Alexander O’Neal, Paisley Park recording artist David “T.C.” Ellis, and Mallia “The Queen of Funk” Franklin from the original Brides of Funkenstein and Parliament Funkadelic. She has also performed and recorded with legendary Czech artists such as Pavel Bobek, Ilona Csakova, Karel Sucha, Helena Vondrackova, and the well-known Czech alt-rock jazz group, Laura a jeji tygri (Laura and Her Tigers).
Alchymie focuses mostly on the piano but also uses electronic sounds generated by keyboards and sound generators along with effect processing to meld the acoustic piano sound along with ambient soundscapes, electronica and even ambient drone qualities to paint alchemical atmospheres of sound. Alchymie does not limit itself to only piano and keyboards but will often incorporate other instruments such as Native American flute, guitar, or percussion for recordings or performances with a conceptual focus. Having an open mind and an experimental approach towards her art, Jennifer Theuer Ruzicka continues to follow Alchymie in music always searching for the beauty of transformation.


-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer


Dreamscape” by Hung Phuc Ly and Alchymie –
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