Checaine releases new LP ‘Turn the Stone’

The rock crew from Hamilton, New Zealand known as Checaine has released their new LP record, “Turn the Stone.” The record comprises 14 original tracks for a total listening time of one full hour. It has been released on the Cartel Records music label. Dark and brooding with heavy doses of violent rhythm and melodic aggression in equal measure, “Turn the Stone” proves Checaine to be another excellent example of how much more attention New Zealand’s explosive underground music scene deserves.


Checaine cite as main artistic influences Alice in Chains, Silverchair, Avenged Sevenfold, and Alterbridge. The band’s official Facebook page also lists Tool, Incubus, I Am Giant, Devilskin, Day 3, The Flaming Skulls, Days of the New, Shotgun Alley, Bellusira, and Metallica. Of these, elements of Tool’s percussion can be heard in “Turn the Stone,” as well as chord progressions which recall Avenged Sevenfold, and vocals sung in the style of the grimmer rock performers of the late 1990s.


This shadowy overtone in terms of vocal performance fits with Checaine’s thematics on “Turn the Stone.” They write of this, “’Turn the Stone’ lyrically is a very dark album. Most of it deals with death and failed relationships, but in a positive way by way of release for the writer.”


“Turn the Stone” includes Checaine’s most talked-about single, “Undeniable,” which has been released with an official music video (link provided below).


The core of Checaine are Fraser Coombes (vocals), Regan Aspden (guitars) and Billy Dickson (bass). Their live shows have garnered them a faithful following who have been anxiously awaiting the release of “Turn the Stone” since the online publication of the “Undeniable” music video. Checaine have performed with such popular acts as Devilskin, the Deep End, and Melic. Featuring enough material for a full-length album as well as an accompanying EP, “Turn the Stone” is a titanic debut record and one which no fan of the New Zealand alt-rock scene should miss.


“Turn the Stone” by Checaine is available online worldwide.


-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer


Turn the Stone” by Checaine –


Undeniable” official music video –


Checaine official Facebook page –


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