Pete McCabe releases new LP ‘Homeward’

The singer and songwriter known as Pete McCabe has released his latest LP record, “Homeward.” The full-length album comprises 14 original tracks for an approximate total listening time of nearly an hour. It has been published on the LazyCats Records music label. Usually filed in the folk and contemporary folk music sections of digital and vinyl record stores, “Homeward” is a monument to McCabe’s sonic and lyric ingenuity, and solidifies his place in the chronicles of American songwriting as a whole.


Pete McCabe first took this place with the release of his 1973 record, “The Man Who Ate the Plant,” produced by the legendary Bill Szymczyk who later produced the Eagles and other titans. The LP has become known among audiophiles everywhere for its unabashed blend of pop and folk music sharpened with tinges of psychedelic rock.


“The orchestral arrangements from that record are echoed in my current music,” McCabe writes.


And indeed they are. Fans of folk music will find all their time-honored traditions intact on “Homeward,” but scaled up to include sweeping instrumental rises and soaring, multi-tiered harmonies. Inspirations from a great many musical subcultures are present, giving the album a swirling myriad of colors which easily arrest and mystify the listener. The source of this variety is McCabe’s own mixing bowl of influences.


“My folk background included influences from singer-songwriters Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell and James Taylor,” he writes. “Along the way there was a bit of Dixieland and jazz. My greatest influence was the Beatles. More recent influences include Randy Newman and Stephen Sondheim.”


Fans of lyric precision and creativity are likely to be especially pleased.


“Many of my lyrics are informed by my lifelong obsession with movies. My overriding desire is to offer words and music that are truly original.”


Asked to describe the general themes and messages of his new album, McCabe describes it thus:

“Each song is a world to explore. Each has its own style and personality, yet as a whole the collection is unified by a strong point of view. A sense of humor as well as a sensitive look at human relationships and a fondness for fantasy and dreams inform the lyrics. I want the listener to look at the world in a new way. There are meanings and emotions to be found in ourselves that different genres of music and unusual lyrics can awaken. Good old songwriting craft can still transport us beyond what so much of the marketplace offers these days.”


“Homeward” by Pete McCabe is available online worldwide. Get in early. Get in as soon as possible.


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Riddim to Dem Ent. releases new reggae single ‘Where Is the Love’ by Craiggis

The singer, songwriter and music producer known as Craiggis has released his latest reggae single, “Where Is the Love.” The track has been proudly released on the Riddim to Dem Entertainment record label. Riddim to Dem Ent. is based in South Florida, USA and has a Jamaican background and history. The label is a popular music publisher bringing authentic reggae and dancehall songs to listeners around the world. “Where Is the Love” is the most significant single from Craiggis to be released on the Riddim to Dem Entertainment label and is sure to turn heads in the reggae, roots, and dancehall undergrounds everywhere.


Craiggis has cited as main artistic influences such popular reggae musicians as Sizzla Kalonji, Bounty Killer, and I Wayne. His own sound is grounded in the modern reggae tone while retaining also the best attributes of the genre’s founding groups.


Asked to expand on the themes of “Where Is the Love,” Craiggis writes simply that the song is intended to engender feelings of “Respect, Togetherness and Love” in his listeners and throughout the globe in general.


Craiggis was born in 1985 in Spanish Town, located in southeast Jamaica’s St. Catherine Parish. The artist was raised by his grandmother and loved music from a very early age. He has been writing music and lyrics since 1998, when he was in the eighth grade. After leaving school he joined fellow artists Genious and Wow in a group called Killa Camp, with whom he recorded “Gi Mi Your Number” on the Hype Klan music label. Since then he recorded for the J & G Records and Spitfiyah music labels before coming under the Riddim to Dem Ent. wing.


The official Craiggis YouTube channel showcases nearly 40 videos and has thousands of following viewers and fans.


“Where Is the Love” by Craiggis is available online worldwide.


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‘The Politician’ Rico Sanchez releases new single ‘Let’s Do That Sh-t’

DJ Rico Sanchez, usually billed as “the Politician,” has released his most recent electronic dance-floor anthem, “Let’s Do That Sh*t.” The track has been published entirely without help from the corporate music industry on the Last Nights DJ independent music label. It is occasionally listed online as “Let’s Do This Sh*t.” Heavy hitting, highly danceable, and extremely infectious, “Let’s Do That Sh*t” by DJ Rico Sanchez the Politician is a surefire entry in the EDM and house-music Best-of-2014 lists, and sure to unite party goers in nightclubs around the world.


DJ Rico Sanchez has cited as main artistic influences such popular studio musicians and electronic music producers as David Guetta, Justice, Steve Aoki, Knife Party, Bad Boy Bill, Designer Drugs, Benny Benassi, UTKU, Dave Spoon, Axwell, and Calvin Harris. Fans of the above will be enthusiastic about the many and various qualities the Politican has taken from these legends of the turntable.


“Let’s Do That Sh*t” is an extremely high-energy song that brings an unusually extreme level of intensity with its back beat and house-music instrumentation. This high energy isn’t empty or pointless, either. Sanchez intends to communicate a message of determination with his new single.


Speaking of these themes for his new track, Sanchez writes, “This song captures that moment of decision and pressure right before you make the next move, before you take that step that can literally kill you. It’s a momentum building energy driven fueled anthem to make you take that next step in full. To keep it simple, it builds on that very moment of adrenaline and quick decision making into what can be your undoing or your very next achievement in life.”


DJ Rico “the Politician” Sanchez is a global performer. He has played shows and parties in New York, India, Australia, and Florida. His stage name, “the Politician,” comes from his reputation for welcoming celebrities and high-profile socialites to performances on his guest list, and for his knack for leading party-goers through the roof. When he’s not composing his own music, he spins for dance parties everywhere there is music.


Let’s Do That Sh*t” by Rico Sanchez the Politician is available online worldwide.


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Rapper 2FiC releases new single ‘Live For The Night’

The rapper, songwriter and music producer known as 2FiC has released his latest single, “Live for the Night.” The track has been published on the Diamond Music Entertainment LLC music label. Part hip-hop, part house music and all fun, “Live for the Night” stands as proof that 2FiC has plenty of talent to bring listeners around the world.


2FiC cites as main artistic influences Jay Z, Ryan Leslie, Pharrell Williams, Neato C, J. Cole, Drake, Snoop Lion, Bob Marley, and others. “The list goes on and on,” writes the rapper, whose music talents match and even exceed his remarkable passion for the art. “I grew up around musicians and creating music sparked my interest. I think making music is amazing and I love it.”


2FiC is the professional stage name of Toufic Nicholas, originally hailing from Freetown, Sierra Leone in West Africa. Sierra Leone is one of Africa’s smallest nations, known primarily for their trade in diamonds and for their destructive, ten-year civil war which was largely funded by them. It was this war which lead 2FiC to seek refuge in Ghana in 1997, and to ultimately come to the United States in 2004.


2FiC founded Diamond Music Entertainment LLC in 2012 and released his debut mixtape, “The Diamond Dealer,” in 2013 to widespread acclaim. Circulated rumors regarding an EP album in the works suggest that it would contain music from diverse genres, including reggae, pop, R ‘n’ B, hip hop, and Sierra Leonean hip hop.


“I love and admire the art of composing music from scratch” 2FiC writes. “My goal is to get exposed globally, as an artist. I feel that I can put Diamond Music Entertainment on the map if I make it, and the whole world will know us, and our stories.”


Asked to describe the theme of his new single, “Live for the Night,” 2FiC replies, “To stay positive, work hard and believe in yourself. I want people to understand that they can live life to the fullest no matter what the circumstances are. Never give up.”


“Live for the Night” by 2FiC is available online worldwide.


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Ray Ramon releases new single ‘Dance All Night’ feat. Jenni Ramon

The singer, songwriter, composer and music producer known as Ray Ramon has released his latest single, “Dance All Night.” The track has been proudly released independent of support from the corporate music industry on the Ray Ramon Records music label. In addition to the considerable skills of Ray Ramon himself, the single also features the talents of Jenni Ramon. It is Ramon’s first single of 2014. It was produced by Ray Ramon and David Cherry (DJ Andromeda). A dancefloor anthem sure to get any party moving, “Dance All Night” by Ray Ramon has been long awaited by Ramon fans the world over and by fans of house music in general.


Ray Ramon cites as main artistic influences Michael Jackson, David Guetta, Don Moen, and Joe. Asked to describe the general themes of the song, his representative writes: “’Dance all Night’ is a club track written by Australian husband and wife Ray Ramon and Jenni Ramon. Ray and Jenni both decided to write about how they met, sharing the joy, passion and excitement of a real-life, romantic love story to their listeners in the form of a dance song.”


Ramon has been performing music since the age of six. Originally hailing from Nigeria where he studied at the University of Ibadan, he immigrated to Australia and soon released his first tracks, “My Maker” and “Times” in 2007, both recorded in New South Wales. His third release, “My Healer,” appeared in 2011. His first secular release, “Leave Me Alone,” was recorded in Kent, UK soon after.


Ramon was dubbed “Best Male Gospel Artist” at the Afro/Australian Music and Movie Awards in December of 2011. His “I Had a Dream” was published in 2012, for which he won the Best Contemporary Christian Producer Award at the inaugural Indie Music Channel Awards, making him the first Australian and African to be officially recognized at the prestigious event. 2013 saw Ray Ramon winning Best R&B Video for his song, “Times” at the second Indie Music Channel Awards in Hollywood. His Best World Music Producer award was garnered at the third Indie Music Channel Awards for his production of “Tenacity,” featuring his childhood friend, Spydaman, in April 2014.


“Dance All Night” by Ray Ramon and featuring Jenni Ramon is available online worldwide.


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