Fire of Caron releases new single ‘Koda’

The singer and songwriter known as Fire of Caron has released her latest single track, “Koda.” The track has been proudly published without support from the corporate music industry. Uplifting, groovy and infused with far more creativity than popular music has supplied fans in the last decade, “Koda” is clear evidence that Fire of Caron is a sculptor of sound with heart, vision, and a characteristic tone no one can emulate.


Fire of Caron’s inimitable style comes from a surprising array of legendary musicians exhibiting a wide variety of genres and musical cultures. She cites as favorites such titans as Jean Michel Jarre, Bill Nelson, Led Zeppelin, Thin Lizzy, Queen, T-Rex, Clannad, Pat Travers, Per Gessle, and Genesis. That which these masters have in common is the consistent thread running also through Fire of Caron’s songwriting on “Koda:” a focus on melody and rhythm distinguished by a heavy dose of individuality.


Having been asked to describe the overarching message of her single, Fire of Caron replies that “It shows you don’t have to have a fancy studio and lots of money. You just need guts and determination.”


The aggressive, yet feminine vocals and well-penned lyrics of “Koda” clearly communicate that these are attributes which Fire of Caron exhibits in spades. The single stands as an example of her artistic integrity and dedication, qualities of which the artist is aware and justifiably proud.


“[The final release of ‘Koda’] shows I am willing to work hard to support what I believe in,” she writes.

What Fire of Caron believes in takes more time to explore and explain. Her music is grounded in and inspired by some of humanity’s most significant and crucial principles.


Commenting on these ideals, Fire of Caron writes, “Since the late ’90s, I’ve noticed how the human population has gotten out of control and how we have taken over the planet, killing anything that gets in our way. We are on this earth to harmonize, not monopolize – but we are growing out of control, building new properties on every single bit of land. We seem to be so focused on what we want for our own families, we don’t think about the future of mankind or other creatures that live on this earth.”


By November of 2013, Fire of Caron had had enough.


“I decided not just to moan about the things that are going wrong, but to try to do something about it. I knew I had a talent for songwriting and could hear other instruments, and although I only played the keyboard and sang, I knew I could use the keyboard for all the instruments that were missing … I would make music, and the funds I would get from it I would use to campaign about environmental issues, animal cruelty, etc. My motto is ‘Supporting nature through music.’”


Music isn’t her only weapon, though. The artist has proved beyond the most reasonable expectations

that she’s sincere about making a real difference.


“I left a full-time job to do what I believe in and what I love,” she writes. “I just hope I can at least help the planet if I can’t save it!”


The UK’s Pontefract and Castleford Express ran an article detailing Fire of Caron’s quest, titled “Leaving the Office to Save the Planet” (link provided below).


“Koda” by Fire of Caron is available online worldwide.


-S. McCauley

Staff Press Release Writer



Koda” by Fire of Caron at iTunes –


Fire of Caron in the Pontefract and Castleford Express –


Fire of Caron official website –

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