The Heavy Hearts release debut LP ‘Keep Your Light On’

The folk-rock trio known as the Heavy Hearts have released their long-awaited debut LP record, “Keep Your Light On.” The album comprises 13 original tracks, making for a comprehensive introduction to this much-talked-about group from Birmingham, AL. Heralding the arrival of their album is the official Heavy Hearts “Into the Fire” video, already available, filmed in Birmingham’s historic Lyric Theatre (link provided below). Soul-searching, sonorous and soaked in pain and perseverance in equal parts, “Keep Your Light On” by the Heavy Hearts represents both a definitive example of contemporary folk music and the continuing tradition of American songwriting.


The Heavy Hearts cite as main artistic influences Fleetwood Mac, Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, the Civil Wars, Aretha Franklin, Billie Holiday, Lady Antebellum, Johnny Cash, and Bruce Springsteen. The resulting sound is based on the striking, clarion vocals of frontwoman Lauren-Michael Sellers, and equally on the rock-toned guitar work of Zac Baldwin. Providing contrast, texture, and cement-solid percussion is Brian Hippensteel, the band’s latest addition. Their style is a blend of blues and folk music tinged with alternative rock sensibilities which appeals to fans of pop, rock, country, blues, and folk music alike.


The band has enjoyed a remarkable burst of exposure and popularity in recent months, at least partially from their reputation as a passionate, powerful group of musicians whose music tends toward the sorrowful. Their band name, the Heavy Hearts, is no accident.


“A lot of the songs Lauren wrote are about very sad and personal experiences,” says Hippensteel, “but there is always hope and light at the end of it all. The theme of ‘Keep Your Light On’ is to shine through the darkness.”

Their official bio states that “the band refuses to leave their listeners without a chance to realize that hardships refine a person, not define them.”


Sellers herself writes, “We want people to know that just because our band is called the Heavy Hearts, we don’t want our fans to leave feeling helpless. We are optimistic and trying to find peace. We don’t want to be depressing and only concern ourselves with things that are sad or morbid.”


The LP is intended as an anthem of hope, in fact.


“The album is this theme of a lighthouse shining light in the darkness,” Hippensteel told Mary Colurso for


Morbid or not, the success of both their “Into the Fire” video and recent record release party cannot be ignored. These musicians are pulling the heartstrings of music fans all across the nation. With the publication of “Keep Your Light On,” their already burgeoning and loyal fan base can only grow worldwide.

“Keep Your Light On” by the Heavy Hearts will be available online worldwide late May/early June 2014. Get in early.


-S. McCauley

Staff Press Release Writer


Into the Fire” official video –


“Keep Your Light On” at eMusic –


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