Selector Science releases new EP ‘Receive On’



The DJ, composer and producer of digital music known as Selector Science has released his new EP record, “Receive On.” The album is comprised of four tracks for an approximate total listening time of 20 minutes. It has been published on the War Cry Records music label. Upbeat, fun, and endlessly danceable, “Receive On” is one of the most colorful EDM records of 2014 to date.


Selector Science cites as main artistic influences Vibe Squad, Figure, and Diplo. His particular style is unlike anything fans of electronic dance music have heard before, however, uniquely spacious and unpredictable. His official bio describes his sound as glitchy and dreamy, spontaneous and intense, full of “discordant blasts, surprising transitions, and clever turns” – all of which is absolutely true. Perhaps most of all, his music is communication.


“I want to connect to the people and have them open up,” says Selector Science. “They’re the


Asked to describe the record’s main theme, he speaks of liberation and empowerment. His EP is composed and produced with the intent to give dancers the “Freedom to be their true selves. And to shake their asses like nobody’s watching.”


Selector Science relates that he began his music career at the age of three, flipping records for his father. In time he began disc jockeying hip-hop and reggae music. He garnered the name “Science” from the state of his studio, filled with gadgets and equipment like a laboratory. The term ‘selector’ comes from Jamaica and means ‘DJ.’ This widely varied background adds complexity to his overall tone and feel, which brightly stand out against the homogeneity of the EDM genre.


“You gotta learn the rules to break the rules,” Selector Science says.


Science is currently working on an EP of remixes for the Grace Project, a non-profit organization which provides activities and travel for families with special-needs kids.


The “Receive On” EP by Selector Science is available online worldwide.


-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer


Receive On” by Selector Science at Amazon –


War Cry Records –


Selector Science at ReverbNation –

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