Maybe Means Yes release new EP ‘Dino Revolution’



The music duo from Orlando, Florida known as Maybe Means Yes have released their latest EP, “Dino Revolution.” The extended-play record is comprised of eight original tracks for an approximate total listening time of half an hour. It has been proudly released independent of support from the corporate music industry. A contemporary indie, alternative music record with plenty of hooks and uniquely remarkable songwriting, “Dino Revolution” stands as another sign that independent music will always be more creative than what is playing on the FM radio.


Maybe Means Yes cite as main artistic influences such popular groups as the Apples in Stereo, Tally Hall, the Beatles, the Color Bars, the New Pornographers, ELO, Beck, the Last Shadow Puppets, and Daft Punk. They also give special mention to classic Nintendo Entertainment System soundtracks, some of which 8-bit sound is cleverly incorporated into their own compositions.


Maybe Means Yes are a married couple well schooled in music also known as Scott and Ashley.


“We’ve both enjoyed playing music from a young age,” they write. “Ashley majored in music in college and Scott has been recording his own music for the last 10 years. Maybe Means Yes was formed when we decided to start writing music together.”


Their popular debut EP, “Blurry Downtown Dream,” appeared in summer 2011. A much more rock-infused distillation of Maybe Means Yes, “Blurry…” showed that the band could write and produce a top-notch record, though it is “Dino Revolution” which marks them as having come into their own in terms of performance and a quirky, undeniably fun style.


Speaking of the themes of “Dino Revolution,” they write, “Our latest album follows a ragtag group of dinosaurs who build a rocket ship to escape extinction. When writing new songs, we strive to never repeat ourselves and to draw from a wide range of influences. On ‘Dino Revolution,’ the styles range from funk-rock to 8-bit and everything in between.”


For many audiophiles, the open-minded and colorful imagination of “Dino…” will be a breath of fresh air.


“We try not to take ourselves too seriously and to make our music fun and catchy while still having some musical depth to it.”


“Dino Revolution” by Maybe Means Yes becomes available from iTunes and hundreds of other online music shelves worldwide on 6 May 2014.


-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer


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