Ezra Skye releases new gospel EP ‘ACTS’



The composer and performer of ecclesiastic music known as Ezra Skye has released his latest EP album, “ACTS.” The record is comprised of five original songs for an approximate total listening time of 20 minutes. It has been released on the AryxMedia record label. A partly traditional, partly contemporary collection of gospel songs, “ACTS” is a record clearly created with Christians around the world in mind, but with the chief aim of praising and pleasing the Christian God.


Ezra Skye is very direct in describing his intentions for “ACTS,” which he reveals to be an acronym standing for the latter four singles on the record.


“The whole work is intended to accompany prayer,” writes Skye. “ACTS (Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving and Supplication) is a means of praying similar to the structure of the Lord’s Prayer.”


The music is itself composed in such a way that each of these prayerful steps is reflected in the sound. Those unfamiliar with the Lord’s Prayer as described in the Biblical book of Matthew may find a faithfully rendered modern version in Skye’s “ACTS.”


“[Prayer starts] with a focus on God,” Skye writes, “hence Adoration having a big crescendo as all humanity joins in to worship Him. Then it moves to Confession – musically indicating darker tones, hinting at discord and a struggle with surrender and peace at the end. Thanksgiving unfolds with a joyful beat and a celebratory character. Finally there is Supplication – what one asks for of God in prayer – the first part being the request, hazy, not all fitting together (do we ever know what we really want?) and then the piano part being the answer – steady and consistent, if not a bit unpredictable, but with finality signified by the strings at the very end.”


As artistic influences Skye cites classic rock artists such as Led Zeppelin and Supertramp, rock musicals, and classical music. Few attributes from these appear in his “ACTS” record, though certain drum beats do recall the steadiness of Supertramp and the up-tempos of “Jesus Christ Superstar.” That the album emphasizes Christ more than anything parallels Ezra Skye’s personal music history.


“I started playing guitar and bass in rock bands back in high school,” he recalls. “From there I played in a number of local working bands until I moved to New York City in 1989. Most of my music in the last 20 years has been in church, leading worship music and writing worship music and Christian songs in general.”
Skye’s official bio describes him as “a songwriter and composer of spiritually influenced music. With a background in musical theater, music and business college, years of experience with working bands and decades of worship music, Ezra Skye produces deeply thoughtful, joyful, and passionate music intended to inspire the listener.”


“ACTS” by Ezra Skye is available online worldwide beginning 6 April 2014.


-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer





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