Old Kerry McKee releases new EP ‘Letter to a Sick’



The singer and songwriter from Sweden known as Old Kerry McKee has released his new EP record, “Letter to a Sick.” The album is comprised of five original McKee songs for an approximate total listening time of 20 minutes. It has been released on the independent record label, HoboRec, which has been rapidly gaining in popularity over the last few months worldwide. A true, modern blues album full of 19th-century American soul, “Letter to a Sick” by Old Kerry McKee is touching, arresting, full of groove and even a little spooky.


Old Kerry McKee lives in suburban Gothenburg and cites only one artistic influence on his official Facebook page, the traditional American folk player, Townes van Zandt. Like the shadowy, grim songwriting of van Zandt, Old Kerry McKee’s music is dark and foreboding, while maintaining a country sound that reflects the genuine sound and feel of the American frontier. He plays solo, and manages drums and percussion while singing and playing guitar simultaneously onstage. Old Kerry McKee is variously categorized as folk music, blues music and Americana at online music websites.


“Letter to a Sick” (which may or may not be a reference to Emily L. Morse’s 1864 “Letter to a Sick and Wounded Soldier”) is Old Kerry McKee’s most significant official release since his 2012 debut LP, “Wooden Songs,” which garnered considerable and well-deserved praise from critics everywhere.


“Old Kerry McKee does not cease to amaze,” writes Mahogony Folk. The Examiner nodded, “An exceptional debut … Truly a great addition to the scene.”


McKee signed to the HoboRec label in February of 2014, just weeks before this release of “Letter to a Sick.”


HoboRec’s bio on OKM reads, “The music may be dark, but the future looks bright for Old Kerry McKee.”


“Letter to a Sick” by Old Kerry McKee is available globally online. See the official HoboRec website to order it in a limited edition 10” vinyl record format.


-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer





“Letter to a Sick”


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