IB Odd releases new single ‘Coconut Rum’



The singer and songwriter known as IB Odd has released his latest dance single, titled, “Coconut Rum.” The track is the newest in a growing repertoire from IB Odd which includes his popular 2013 tracks, “Sprezzatura” and “Solen,” as well as earlier titles such as 2010’s “Nordic Jam.” All of the songs released by IB Odd has been published on the Nuzzai music records label.


Music by IB Odd (also previously referred to as IB Odd Vegger) is warm, tropical, danceable and fun with tons of style and zero pretense. He mixes and performs music in the soca, funk, coupe decale, zoblazo, and funana genres, most of which come from sunny, tropical locales such as the Caribbean, Cape Verde and the Ivory Coast of Africa.


IB Odd, who hails from Stockholm, Sweden, cites as main artistic influences DJ Arafat, Kaysha, Bunji Garlin, Prince, Morris Day and the Time, Meiway, Soum Bill, Machel Montano, and the Bar-Kays. His music takes many of the best traits of these and boils them down into a sound that is largely island-inspired in tone and feel, but with a European gloss that makes a finished product all his own.


One of few bios available in English from IB Odd reads: “I’m currently a student at Songwriters Academy (musikmakarna) in Sweden. My style is funky/urban/world. I collaborate a lot with my partner, Derry Flynn. We try to make happy, fresh world music that will fit the masses, but with a unique sound. I have a DJ and a live band to help me out live. Three videos are ready for the songs. I produce and arrange everything. This music always works very good live and I am very secure on stage. I have touring experience.”


A quick glance through photos and videos online of IB Odd’s live performances showcase him as a charismatic and crowd-friendly front man who interacts with music fans and loves his sound.


“Coconut Rum” by IB Odd is available online worldwide beginning 20 March 2014.


-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer





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