Rolly Gibb releases new LP ‘We Are the Boomers!’



The singer and songwriter known as Rolly Gibb has released his new LP record album, “We Are the Boomers!” The album is comprised of 13 original songs and a reprise of the popular 1950’s single, “You Were Not There” by Jack Ledru, Gibb’s uncle. The record contains more than an hour’s worth of music and is Gibb’s most significant rock-‘n’-roll release to date. It has been published on the Eagle Nest Music recording label. A tribute to and revival of the great rock spirit of the 1960s and ’70s, “We Are the Boomers!” stands as a reminder that the heart of rock ‘n’ roll is here to stay, now and forever.


Though the songs on Rolly Gibb’s new record are nearly all originals, still each is reminiscent of an echo from the past, one of rock ‘n’ roll’s most striking and historical pieces.


“All the rock bands of the ’60s, ’70s have a great influence on me,” Gibb writes. “My song creation process starts with a riff that sounds like coming out of the great bands of these years.”


Fans of the Velvet Underground, the Rolling Stones, and others will undoubtedly hear a roar beneath the notes of “We Are the Boomers!” that comes from the same musical soul, the same thrumming thread which blew speakers out and blew people’s minds nearly fifty years ago. It is aggressive, groovy, bluesy, and full of soul.


Speaking of the themes with which he has infused his LP, Gibb writes: “It is sharing the love for rock music, the soundtrack of our lives for us Baby Boomers, and also sharing the reality of our present, past and future. By sharing my own emotions and stories in music, I should not only revive the sound of our younger years but also highlight some of my generation’s [perspective] of today.”


One of the album’s most touching moments comes at precisely its middle, at its heart, when Gibb’s version of “You Were Not There” by his uncle, Jack Ledru begins. The piano for the song comes from one of Ledru’s French records of the 1950s, accompanied by his nephew Rolly Gibb on guitar and singing. The English lyrics are Gibb’s own, as is the new musical arrangement. It is a deeply touching moment and a work of great beauty. Ledru’s original recording could not have been more profoundly moving than this edition, published nearly 70 years later.


“We Are the Boomers!” by Rolly Gibb is available online worldwide.


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