Tony White releases new EP ‘Different Ways’



The country singer and songwriter known as Tony White has released his new EP record, titled, “Different Ways.” The album is comprised of four original songs for a total listening time of twelve minutes. A heartfelt, genuine and sometimes surprisingly funny EP record, Tony White’s “Different Ways” is a legitimate example of the true, American country sound, written in the tradition of singing storytellers such as Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash.


White’s album is raw and unadorned with any of the special effects so many modern country music players adapt for their use in the studio today. The upshot of this is that the music fan may gather an impression of the rural spirit of North America through “Different Ways” that he or she could only find in today’s urbanized, FM-radio pop country with much difficulty.


Much of the reason for this is White’s personal history. Originally and ironically born in the city, he moved to the open countryside at his first opportunity to become an actual cowboy.


“I spent many years working on big ranches and feedlots with up to 45,000 head of cattle on them. My job was to ride through cattle everyday and treat sick ones. I also mastered shoeing horses, breaking horses, and also was a bullfighter in the local rodeos. Sometimes I would spend spring and summers just living out on the pastures with cattle which gave me a lot of time to reflect on life and write songs in my head.”


Eight years ago, Tony White began putting his imagined songs to music and live guitar, which he had learned to play. Feedback from friends and family was strong, and he commenced to get a set together, which eventually became his “Different Ways” EP. Musically, it is the sound of a man’s unharnessed soul. Lyrically, it is his honest voice come to talk with the aim of unburdening himself and others.


“I really want my listeners to feel good at the end of my songs,” White writes. “I want them to feel like they are not alone and that someone else understands some part of their life they’ve been through. I want my songs to represent the hard-working man or woman, like you and me, the single mom or dad, those who are down on their luck and need a lift, the people who are the backbone of every country around the world. My music is about everyday life, memories, and hard times conquered! That is my message through music.”


Music fans who would like a window into the true American spirit need look no further.


“Different Ways” by Tony White is available online worldwide.


-S. McCauley

Staff Press Release Writer





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