Mphatic releases ‘Asutra’ album



The digital music artist known as Mphatic has re-released his 2002 masterpiece, titled, “Asutra.” The record is comprised of 14 original tracks for a total listening time of much more than an hour. It has been released on the Li’l Dog Records music label. These tracks are absolutely suitable for casual strolls, night drives, nightclubs and virtually any conceivable listening circumstance in which one might find oneself. “Asutra” is cataloged variously as world music and electronica among other possible subgenres, and is likely to make fans of highly exotic and deeply cultural music very happy, as well as fans of electronic music in general.


“Asutra” is named after the Hindi word, sutra, which literally translated means string or thread, but which in this context means a collection of rules or edicts such as those found in Bhaghavad Gita and other holy texts of the East. This is appropriate for Mphatic’s album, which is as full of spirituality as it is rhythm and groove. Many of its tracks have themes that celebrate nature in its many forms, while others invoke the blessings of the various gods of Eastern tradition.


The opening track of Mphatic’s “Asutra,” for instance, is titled “Suprabathim (Prayer to Open the God Within You).” This first taste of the album to follow is fitting, as it introduces the listener to the back beats with which the record is largely populated, as well as to the airy, fluting melodies and vocals which grace each track. This opening track features the talents of Thila Thirumathi Thila Siva, as well, demonstrating that the skills of various artists have also been invited to be a part of this remarkable record.


In the end, “Asutra” is a majestic, inspirational and wonderful listen that is recommended for listeners of all types of music.


“Asutra” by Mphatic is available online worldwide.


-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer





iTunes – Music – Asutra by Mphatic


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