Gianez releases new album ‘Lo-Fi’



The composer and performer of digital music known as Gianez has released his latest and greatest LP record album, “Lo-Fi.” The album is an immense and widely varied offering, comprised of 18 complete and original tracks for a total listening time of more than an hour and 15 minutes. It has been released on the Miami Music record label. In addition to the many talents of Gianez, himself, the record also features performances by popular artists such as Christen Latham and Aleisha Legair.


“Lo-Fi” is a dance, pop, and electronica album with elements of hip-hop and Euro house added for texture. It is energetic, stylish, easy to get into and easier to dance to, with plenty of deep grooves and high moments to keep the party rolling on every dance floor in the world. The title of the record, “Lo-Fi” (audiophile slang for low-fidelity) is intended to evoke the impression of old-school music roots and fundamental back beats, both of which Gianez’s new LP sports in spades. It is not to say that the album is itself recorded at low fidelity, however – “Lo-Fi” is an extremely cutting-edge and razor-sharp digital dance record.


While Gianez (sometimes listed online as @GianezMusic) hasn’t distributed any material previous to his “Lo-Fi” record, this first official taste is certainly enough to form a round and favorable opinion of his material, as it is more than the standard length of a double-LP record and represents a gargantuan triumph of musical creativity few musicians ever accomplish.


Gianez’s dance masterpiece, “Lo-Fi” is already turning heads worldwide, and has been making the rounds in underground circuits both in Europe and the United States. In any case, it seems certain that “Lo-Fi” is not the last we will hear from dance electronica composer Gianez.


“Lo-Fi” by Gianez is available online everywhere.


-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer



Link to Music:


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