Leaving California releases debut self-titled LP



The musician known as Leaving California has released his debut, self-titled LP record, “Leaving California.” The album is comprised of 10 tracks for an approximate total listening time of 45 minutes. A vivid, thought-provoking and contemporary kind of retro album, “Leaving California” is proof that sometimes very good things result from seemingly unfortunate circumstances.


The debut LP “may be described as synth rock or electro rock,” writes Leaving California, “with maybe a little glam thrown in, especially during the guitar solos.”


Leaving California cites as main artistic influences the early work of Metallica, as well as Depeche Mode, though the former does not figure into the style of his album. The general tonality of Depeche Mode’s signature synthesizer sound, however, is notably present in the comfortable blend of synthetic and traditional instrumentation. Songs such as “Mulholland Drive,” too, evince a decidedly Dave Gahan-ish atmosphere with a great deal of shadowy panache.


“I’m primarily a guitarist,” notes Leaving California, whose guitar chops make a rare (and striking) appearance in the record’s seventh track, “926 in A-Flat Minor.”


“However,” the artist continues, “lately I’ve been using synthesizers to help flesh-out projects. My favorite of all is my old ’80s Ensoniq, which produces an interesting array of analog timbres.”


This analog sound, which laypeople may associate with the warmer, fuller undertones of instruments made before the digital era of music, is fantastically effective in adding complexity and texture to the listening experience. Adding further character to Leaving California’s LP is a songwriting mentality born of the classical music genre.


“I approached each track as a separate, discreet part of the whole album,” Leaving writes. “Each one has its own origins and influences. The whole project was started after I had been forced to leave California last year, and feeling incredibly despondent over the departure, started putting down some music. The overall feel of the thing I think, is fairly a sad one.”


Sad or no, the casual music fan and the audiophile alike have a work of great artistic integrity in LC’s self-titled record.


“Leaving California” by Leaving California is available online worldwide. Get in early.


-S. McCauley

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