Radio DJ FrankieGee releases album ‘Explosión de Salsa Vol. I’



The host and DJ of “the Only Salsa Music Program on FM Radio in Scotland,” FrankieGee, has released his new LP record album, titled, “Explosión de Salsa Vol. I.” The record is comprised of 10 authentic salsa music tracks for an approximate total listening time of 45 minutes. It has been released on the Frankie Gee Entertainment LLC record label. An astounding triumph of international relations through music, “Explosión de Salsa Vol. I” showcases some of the greatest salsa music being produced in the world today, and is possibly the most important salsa compilation of 2014 to date.


FrankieGee cites as main artistic influences a star-studded roster which denotes his obvious passion and highly developed musical taste. Some of his favorites include Barry Rodgers, Arsenio Rodriguez, Ray Barretto, Mongo Santamaria, Willie Colon, Frankie Ruiz, Hector Lavoe, Papo Lucca, Roberto Roena, Cortijo, and Ismael Rivera.


“In May of 2010, I began broadcasting the only salsa music program on FM radio in Scotland,” he writes proudly. “I only had 20 salsa and Latin jazz CDs that had survived with me since I left the United States 12 years before.”


Since that time, FrankieGee has returned to New York, from where he webcasts his famous salsa radio show at 3pm Eastern on Friday, 6pm on Saturday, and 5pm on Sunday.


“Initially, the purpose of my programs was to share my music with the people in a small town in Scotland,” he muses. “But now, the programs have turned into a worldwide effort to promote salsa, and Latin music and its makers.”


FrankieGee’s “Explosión de Salsa” stands as clear proof that the effort is strong, passionate, and wildly successful. The scores of musicians featured on his record come from a wide array of countries and cultural backgrounds. To catalog their individual geographies and histories would take months.


Describing the theme of his compilation, FrankieGee writes: “Salsa has no race, no barriers and no borders.”


Fortunately for music lovers all around the globe, “Explosión de Salsa Vol. I” is available online worldwide. Get in early.


“Que viva la salsa sin fronteras!”
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