R. Bot releases debut album ‘Fly on Five’



The international composer of digital music known as R. Bot has released his debut full-length record, “Fly on Five.” The album is comprised of 12 original tracks for an approximate total listening time of one hour. Categorized variously online as Balearic, downtempo, EDM or simply electronica, R. Bot’s latest official offering is a highly textured and creatively atmospheric album. “Fly on Five” recalls the very best of the mid-’90s electronic music underground scene, much of which flew beneath the mainstream radar for being far too ahead of its time.


R. Bot’s “Fly on Five” constructs an alternate reality around the listener full of majesty and awe, suggesting stainless-steel environments and journeys through the cosmos without ever sounding silly or contrived. It has clear and powerful elements of the ambient subgenre, yet with clear structures and melodies. Its general composition is closer to classical music than the looped machinations of popular contemporary EDM, reminiscent of the subtle complexities of digital music before the turn of the millennium.


The explanation for this is that R. Bot’s “Fly on Five” is a sonic time capsule, its tracks having been composed in the mid 1990s.


“Returning to the Netherlands in 1992 from having lived in Canada for eight-and-a-half years, I found it difficult to adjust to my new surroundings,” writes R. Bot. “Music served as a way to escape reality and allowed me to get back into my comfort zone.”


Using his first synthesizer, a Roland D50, and recording live on digital audio tape, R. Bot produced a bevy of compositions. His favorites from these make up the “Fly on Five” LP.


“I’ve continued making music and some artistic videos under the name Gholar Fix,” he writes. “Occasionally I have worked on projects outside my own, providing music or sound design on film projects. Recently, I decided to listen through my old recordings which I made in the nineties on DAT and pick out 12 tracks to remaster and release as a debut album named ‘Fly on Five,’ feeling I owed it to my past self not to let these tracks go to waste.”


Fans of digital music everywhere have very good reason to be glad for it. Get in early.


“Fly on Five” by R. Bot is available online worldwide beginning 1 February 2014.


-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer


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