UK rockers FourPointOh release debut LP ‘Young and Wasted’



The rock crew from Leicester, UK known as FourPointOh have released their debut LP record album, titled, “Young and Wasted.” The record is comprised of 11 original tracks for an approximate total listening time of 50 minutes. Raw, real, and full of power and heart, “Young and Wasted” by FourPointOh stands as evidence that rock ‘n’ roll is more alive than ever, and still doesn’t need digital effects to pack a punch.


FourPointOh cite as main artistic influences a mixing bowl of metal and hard-rock influences, including Iron Maiden, Rush, Alterbridge, Paramore, Metallica, Rise Against, Queen, and Megadeth. Rather than mashing these together to produce a gray amalgam, though, FourPointOh have clarified the root similarities with a result that recalls the definitive garage-metal sound of the 1980s and early ’90s.


These broad musical interests add texture and range to their tone, too. While songs like “Damnation,” “Interlude” and “Save Me from Myself” come straight from the truest metal tradition, songs like “Scarred,” “Let’s Go” and “We’ll Make It Through” are even reminiscent of early UK punk bands with female leads, such as the Avengers. The result is a heavily emotional record interspersed with moments of upbeat aggression for a balanced, engaging and energizing listen-through.


For audiophiles interested in lyrical content, FourPointOh have spent time honing their craft as songwriters.


“The album focuses on the emotion, turmoil and angst that teenagers in any generation suffer as they try to understand and find their place in the world,” writes FourPointOh, “be it failed relationships, politics or global conflict and their uncertain futures.”


While the official studio release of “Young and Wasted” is spearheading their international campaign today, FourPointOh are tireless performers, and famed in the UK for their onstage appearances all over the nation. Their official bio states that they have played more than 50 shows, a titanic feat for musicians still in their teens. This number is likely much higher since the time of its writing.


FourPointOh have played a great many rock festivals, including Glastonbudget, Cosby Big Love and Oxjam. They were finalists in I Wanna Be a Rockstar, 2013, and winners of the Festival of Rock Battle of the Bands, 2012, held on the main stage at the 02 Academy Leicester.


“Young and Wasted” by FourPointOh is available online worldwide beginning 1 February 2014. Get in early.


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