Wounded Ego releases new LP ‘I Do’



The composer and performer of contemporary rock music known as Wounded Ego has released his latest collection of original songs, titled, “I Do.” The album is composed of 16 original tracks for an approximate total listening time of one hour. A record that blends classic rock roots with the catchiness of pop and the introspection of a singer-songwriter, “I Do” by Wounded Ego represents some of the most creative independent sound since the invention of the indie record label. At the time of this writing he’s ranked #6 on ReverbNation’s “Other” chart category, based on the popularity of his music on social media, Youtube, etc.


Wounded Ego cites as main artistic influences such legends as the Beatles, CSNY, Sting, Bach and Fanny Crosby. The general timbre of his record shows elements of each of these but sparkles most in its individuality. The tracks on “I Do” are widely varied, one of the record’s chief charms. There are rock songs about Irish independence, sad songs of regret, bitter and angry songs, whimsical songs, jazzy songs, upbeat songs and downbeat songs. His instrumentation, also, includes an array of difference.


Speaking candidly of his beginnings in music, Wounded Ego writes, “At about 13 I wanted to be a rock star but I never seemed able to learn a complete song. I was somewhat ADHD. But at about 16 I joined a church band and the simple verse chorus thing really got drummed into me. After that I got the bridge and started socking out heartfelt songs that everyone could relate to. Soon I was able to add more complex and diverse styles but always stayed true to that solid foundation of strong melodies over a compelling beat.”


Much of the lyrical poetry in “I Do” is personal in nature, though this is not the crux of the record.


“The songs on the album are very different from one another stylistically,” writes Wounded Ego, “but each has a tight marriage between melody and lyric and resonates a distinct emotion. Some songs might pass for ‘pop’ but mostly they are the stuff of ‘classic rock’ — timeless.”


Wounded Ego is the professional stage name of Bill Ross, of Delray Beach, Florida. His current projects include collaborating on a musical drama set in the period of the American Reconstruction, a country duet of the title track, “I Do,” which features Grammy-nominated Lydia Salnikova and the celebrated independent artist, B. Sterling. This duet is well positioned to be a classic for country weddings for years to come. He appears on the “I Do” LP with his wife of 27 years, Connie, who sings with him on “Connie Connie Connie.”


“I Do” by Wounded Ego is available online worldwide.


-S. McCauley

Staff Press Release Writer





eMail – woundedegomusic@gmail.com

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