Stephen Teckenoff releases new single ‘Emily’



The singer and songwriter known as Stephen Teckenoff has released his new single, titled, “Emily.” The song has been independently released and represents Teckenoff’s most significant official music publication to date. In addition to Teckenoff’s considerable skills, the single also features beautiful vocals by Djess Horner. An uplifting song penned and performed with genuine humanist intent, “Emily” is a song for the modern day that examines the responsibility one may have to one’s online acquaintances, and stands as a solid example of what might be done to help those in times of intense emotional need.


Teckenoff cites as main artistic influences such legendary songwriters as Ben Harper, John Mayer, Dave Matthews, David Grey, John Butler, Adele, Bonnie Raitt, and Eddie Vedder.


Teckenoff reflects many of the finest attributes of these. His single is moving to hear and tempered also with a slight edge that denotes his affinity for the music of Pearl Jam. Like Vedder, Teckenoff’s sound is raw, natural and warm, so that his vocal timbre on “Emily” sounds sounds both precise and unforced.

The tone and flow of “Emily” strongly suggest that Teckenoff’s talents for the writing and performing of music come innately to him.


Standing most prominently at the center of “Emily,” however, are the motives and themes of Teckenoff’s song.


Teckenoff writes candidly of these, “This single was written about a girl who posted a few very dark messages on Facebook. I wasn’t sure what she was going to do, but fearing that she might take her own life I wrote the song about her in a way trying to say that somebody always cares, no matter how bad the situation seems.”


The situation didn’t strike Teckenoff as anything to take lightly, having experienced times of tragedy firsthand.


“Having [once had] my cousin commit suicide I was fearing for the worst, so I wrote the song to try to let her know that people do care, even though sometimes it seems like they don’t even take notice.”


Teckenoff is originally from Cowaramup, Western Australia, but moved to Central California’s San Luis Obispo area at age 12. Having returned to Australia where he resides in the musical hotbed of Perth, he entered the music studio for recording after receiving high acclaim for live performances at open mic nights.


“Music has always been a good hobby and a creative outlet,” Teckenoff writes. “For me it’s a way to communicate an idea to impact people in a positive way.”


“Emily” by Stephen Teckenoff is available online worldwide beginning 3 January 2014.


-S. McCauley

Staff Press Release Writer


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