Pro Freshonal releases debut single ‘Paid My Dues’



The singer and songwriter known as Pro Freshonal has released his debut single, titled, “Paid My Dues.” The single is a rock track with elements of modern blues music and a heavy emphasis on direct, heavy-hitting and plainly spoken lyrics. Focused mainly on low-down chord progressions played on guitar and recorded with clean-channel tones, “Paid My Dues” is an excellent representation of music written from the mind as well as from the heart, and stands as the world’s official introduction to this exceedingly creative musician.


Pro Freshonal cites as main artistic influences the poet Charles Bukowski, the late comedian Bill Hicks, Marty Friedman and Dave Mustaine of Megadeth, Cliff Burton of Metallica, Madonna, and Michael Jackson. Interestingly enough, it is the foremost two who feature most prominently in his work on “Paid My Dues,” as the writing in English is easily as important to the draw of Pro Freshonal’s song as are his considerable musical chops.


His devotion to the blunt and the frank forms of communication is shared by both Bukowski and Hicks. Though they come from nearly opposite categories of art (poetry and comedy) their works have always stood as examples of how brute-force clarity of speech with no holds barred can easily surpass euphemistic language, not only in terms of precision, but also in artistic value.


Pro Freshonal has been playing guitar for more than twenty years, and has returned to the music field to make his play as a professional composer once and for all.


“I have quit music many times,” he writes, “but ‘the universe?’ wants me to keep on playing, so I’ve decided to start recording my compositions and it has been a battle to learn the production process.”


This debut single was recorded with the help of the industry’s best minds.
Pro Freshonal writes of this, “I only hired people who are established in the music industry to help me produce my first song since I figured I’d learn much more and get more functional criticism about my abilities by dealing with the professionals.”


Music, lyrics, vocals, guitar and bass on “Paid My Dues” were written and played by Pro Freshonal, with percussion by Steven Wolf recorded at Monster Island Studios. Engineering was provided by Blake Eiseman at Binksound Studios, with mastering by Scott Hull at Masterdisk Studios.


“Paid My Dues” by Pro Freshonal is available online worldwide beginning 3 January 2014.


-S. McCauley

Staff Press Release Writer





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