Maverik releases new single ‘She Likes It’

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The singer and songwriter of pop and hip-hop music known as Maverik has released his latest new single, titled, “She Likes It.” The track has been released jointly on the Star Since Birth Entertainment and Pushkeys music record labels, produced by Balistic and mixed by Hush. It has been concurrently published along with his new, official Maverik music video for “She Likes It,” shot on location at the beachfront of his hometown in Boston, MA. A hugely danceable hip-hop track with Caribbean flavors and an unstoppable violin melody line, “She Likes It” is obvious proof that Maverik is a name to watch in the coming months.


Maverik cites as main artistic influences such names as Andre 3000, Pharrell, Bob Marley, Beres Hammond, Missy Elliott, and Busta Rhymes. A longtime stage performer himself, he has opened for the likes of legends such as Lil’ Wayne, Rick Ross, Common, Talib Kweli, Shaggy, Beenie Man, Serani and Collie Buddz. Among these Maverik fits like a glove, with a catchy hip-hop groove and an American swagger, made culturally richer and more complex by his Caribbean roots. His presence on the “She Likes It” music video showcases him as a charismatic and energetic music performer.


Maverik writes of his musical upbringing, “I grew up listening to great music always being blasted in my household. I developed a passion for it and began composing music, producing and DJing.”


With respect to his aims specific to the “She Likes It” single and video, he comments, “With this record I wanted to tap into my Caribbean, Jamaican roots to create a sound that would make women everywhere embrace their beauty. ‘She Likes It’ is a feel-good record that just makes you want to move. At the core of the record, it’s a guy trying to brighten a girl’s day!”


Maverik has been educated at college and lives a high-energy lifestyle from which he pulls his largely autobiographical and positive lyrics. His uniformly good musical taste sets his tracks apart from the growing morass of clone-like independent hip-hop tunes. “She Likes It” is hailed on the World Star Hip Hop website as the first track from the upcoming “Talent and Creativity” mixtape.


“She Likes It” by Maverik is available online worldwide beginning 3 January 2014.


-S. McCauley

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