DJ Narc releases newest single ‘Me Gusta La Fiesta’



The international composer of digital dance music known as DJ Narc (often stylized NARC) has released his latest single, titled, “Me Gusta La Fiesta.” The track is the newest in a steady stream of releases from DJ Narc which began in October of 2013 with his official debut track, “The Narcharmonic Orchestra.” This was followed closely in November by “The Narcharmonic Voyage” and “Sonic Accelerations,” as well as in December with “The Doppler Effect.” With this new dance track, DJ Narc has added decidedly Latin tones to his repertoire and proven yet again that his style is varied, complex, and well-suited to any atmosphere at which his sounds might be featured.


DJ Narc has maintained that his musical inspirations are rooted in records by contemporary legends like the Swedish House Mafia, Avicii, or Calvin Harris.


“But,” he notes, “this song has more of a Latin flavor to it.”


The Latin sound DJ Narc has created is largely based on a bright, blasting trumpet and a Central American groove that rolls between beats rather than jumping from one to the next. His talent for isolating a desired mood from song to song with innate precision is once again shown to be effective in “Me Gusta La Fiesta,” the title of which is Spanish for, “I like the party.”


“This is a tune that should make people want to get up and start dancing,” DJ Narc writes, but with a Latin vibe. This is more than just a fist pumping track.”


Having begun his musical journey on the campus of UCLA disk-jockying at parties, Narc is no stranger to getting fists in the air. One of his latest performances was at the World Series of Beach Volleyball in Long Beach, CA in July of 2013, where the event coordinators Tweeted, “If you’re at the #WSOBV and you find yourself rocking out outside the stadium, that’s thanks to @DJNarc. Go say hi to him at the DJ booth.”


10Fold Entertainment, who acted as the event promoter for the WSOBV later Tweeted their own deep appreciation, saying, “You were amazing this past week! Thank you for providing such great music!!!! LOVED the music, and two words… boy bands. The crowd loved you!”


DJ Narc’s “Me Gusta La Fiesta” is available online worldwide 3 January 2014.


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