Funeral Strippers release new LP ‘There’s a Time and a Place for Dancing’



The music artists from Melbourne, Australia known as Funeral Strippers have released their broadly anticipated debut LP record album, “There’s a Time and a Place for Dancing.” The record is comprised of 15 original tracks for an approximate total listening time of a full hour, making for a satisfying and comprehensive introduction to this wildly creative and dark dance-music crew. Funeral Strippers are signed to the Funstrip Records music label.


The sound of Funeral Strippers is based on traditional house music principles rounded out with analog and live instrumentation, as well as some extremely talented and tasteful vocal performances. Their seemingly innate knack for undeniably catchy and intriguing songwriting is among their chief qualities, and the album plays front-to-back in a cohesive and consistent chain of top-notch singles. More succinctly: every song on “There’s a Time and a Place for Dancing” is clearly worthy of Top-40 radio play.


Asked to cite some main artistic influences, Funeral Strippers decline to comment, but speak candidly of the themes explored on their debut LP.


“The things we fear the most,” they write, “have already happened to us. The world is full of surprises. Never lose your power to dream.”


Attributes of the early industrial music culture make up much of the Funeral Strippers’ character and delivery. They are renowned for their arresting live performance and striking stage presence. Faces painted ghost white, eyes rimmed with black and with lips made to appear sewn closed, they would make a fearsome sight were it not for their exuberant, fun-loving attitudes and indomitable, wide smiles. Their music, likewise, is tinged with undertones of the macabre, but sounds optimistic and uplifting overall, with vibrant back beats and playfully aggressive melodies.


Their self-titled single, “The Funeral Strippers” forms the second track of their new record and has been released with an energetic and endlessly fun official music video (link provided below).


“There’s a Time and a Place for Dancing” by Funeral Strippers is available online worldwide. Get in early.


-S. McCauley

Staff Press Release Writer





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