Orquesta SCC releases new salsa LP ‘Renacimiento’



The musical crew from New York City known as Orquesta SCC have released their new salsa LP record album, titled, “Renacimiento.” It is comprised of 11 original tracks for an approximate total listening time of 50 minutes. It has been released on the Salsa Dura record label. A return to the golden age of Latin sound with the addition of social awareness and artistic humanism, Orquesta SCC’s “Renacimiento” has been received with widespread critical and fan acclaim.


The word “Renacimiento” means both ‘rebirth’ and ‘Renaissance,’ both of which are fitting descriptors for the musical art that is Orquesta SCC. Orquesta SCC, whose acronym stands for Salsa Con Conciencia (salsa music with conscience) have made it their mission to make music that benefits society in more ways than sound alone can achieve.
Having been asked to describe the themes of “Renacimiento,” Orquesta SCC writes, “[Our theme is] the rebirth of hardcore salsa music with a socially uplifting message, and party music to dance to, too.”


They cite as main artistic influences such legends of the ritmo Latino as the Fania All-Stars, Eddie Palmieri, Hector Lavoe, Willie Colon, Ray Barretto, Tite Curet, and Ruben Blades.


Orquesta (orchestra) SCC are made up of 11 pieces, making them a modern big band by contemporary standards. They are well known and respected for shunning the traditional suit-and-tie uniform of former-day salsa players, as well as for breaking from many unnecessary traditions in order to recreate the genuine Latin style and sound in a manner that befits the modern era of music. A key component to this new, cutting-edge mode is their attention to lyrical themes, which often deal with the issues and complexities of modern society.


The most immediately striking characteristic of Orquesta SCC’s “Renacimiento,” however, is the high-energy, old-school sound that the band has brought to the record.


“They are going back to the more eclectic period when salsa was street music, playing with spirit and integrity,” says Grammy-Award Winning music producer, Aaron Levinson.


Musician, journalist and radio personality Franky Gee writes, “[Orquesta SCC] entices the dancer and the non-dancer alike, emanating a hypnotic rhythm that evokes the crowd to participate in the festivities.”


“Renacimiento” by Orquesta SCC is available online worldwide.


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