Karen B Martin releases new EP album ‘It’s Plain to See’



The singer and songwriter of country-western music known as Karen B Martin has released her latest EP record album, titled, “It’s Plain to See.” The extended-play record is comprised of three new Karen B Martin instant classics including the title track, “It’s Plain to See,” “To Richard With Love,” and “Don’t Cry When I’m Gone This Time Sunshine.” The album has an approximate total listening time of 10 minutes. It has been released on the SMT Records music label, who publishes music by such well respected talents as Maddy Engh and “Bad Boy” Troy Tipton. A solidly beautiful EP with its roots twisted deep into the original American tradition of country music, “It’s Plain to See” is among one of the most sonorous and genuine country records to have been published in 2013.


Karen B Martin cites as main artistic influences such music legends as Jenny C Riley, Tammy Wynette, Karen Carpenter, and Barbara Striesand. Of these, her own signature timbre and tone most likely resemble those of Wynette and Carpenter, though with a certain calm and cool subtlety that makes her singing sound more smooth than music by most entertainers.
Speaking of the themes of her music, Martin writes, “My songs are about real life, relationships, struggle, and survival that I feel everyone can relate to.”


Karen B Martin’s first paid gig was singing for the Boy Scouts of Canada at a father-and-son event. Her own father arranged the details. She was paid $20. In 1968 she entered a vocal competition in Toronto and took first place over Linda Ronstadt. By 1972 she had performed with the Bells, JJ Cale, Jerry Jeff Walker, Kris Kristofferson, Chubby Checker, the Benny Louis Orchestra, and a slough of other notable and popular big bands in the Toronto area. 1980 saw her married with a family and singing again, this time for the Bobby Hales Orchestra and the Lance Harrison Orchestra. She formed acclaimed duos with both Carly Rae Jepson and Stacey McKitrick.


Martin continues to perform locally and as a coach for vocal and songwriting talent. Her official artist’s bio concludes with the following note: “Her experiences are an inspiration and provide evidence of what can be accomplished when one pursues one’s passion for music as a career.”


“It’s Plain to See” by Karen B Martin is available online worldwide. Get in early.


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