DML Records releases new LP ‘A Star for Christmas’



The DML Records label has published the special LP release of its acclaimed Christmas carol concert, titled, “A Star for Christmas.” The concert was a unique stage production which ran from 2003 to 2011 and which was created to raise funds for the Stage for Age charity (now AgeUK). The concert was held mostly at St. Paul’s Covent Garden, popularly known as the Actors’ Church.


A fantastically successful annual event for the better part of a decade, “A Star for Christmas” combined original music, readings from well known actors, and songs both choral and solo. Songs performed by the entertainers was often traditional holiday fare but occasionally not so. This edition of “A Star for Christmas” represents a collection of some of the best material written and performed especially for its presentation onstage.


Fans of the arts who bear a likewise and deep appreciation for the musical, literary and dramatic forms are certain to find a rare treasure in “A Star for Christmas.” A blend of talents across such a broad range of artistic expressions is unusual to find in any genre, let alone that of the traditional Christmas album. “A Star for Christmas” is comprised of classical music, operatic carols, dramatic readings, and even a touch of comedy. What is more, these masterful pieces are performed by England’s very best entertainers, all of whom continue to enjoy fan and critical acclaim around the globe.


Particularly featured on “A Star for Christmas” are prominent stars such as Ross Lloyd, Nicky Spence, Charlie Manton, Jenny Seagrove, and Sylvia Syms, OBE, whose hand penned the liner notes for the record. Also especially featured is music composer, performer, arranger and producer Simon James, who lent his classically trained guitar and original arrangements to many of the selections on the record.


Sylvia Syms, OBE, herself, concludes the LP’s liner notes with the following wishes: “I hope you will enjoy everything and I would like to take this opportunity to thank the many people who contributed both the time and the talent which made those concerts and this recording possible.”


“A Star for Christmas,” published by Simon James for DML Records, is available online worldwide.


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