Byrne Music releases official ‘Christmas Children’ video



The creative force known as Byrne Music has released the official animated video for the popular seasonal ballad, “Christmas Children.” The video has an approximate total viewing time of three and a half minutes and has been long awaited by fans of the song. A Christmas tale of warmth, compassion, and unconditional love, “Christmas Children” from Byrne Music adds a new legend to the traditions of Yuletide cheer around the world.


The video is a visual narration of the story behind the music, which centers around the Christmas Children. The Christmas Children, according to creator Byrne Elliott, “were taken from this world because of heartbreaking events.”


The modern day is fecund with stories of tension and turmoil, and no nation is free from suffering. In such circumstances the forlorn are brought to gladness and safety through the sympathy and love of the Christmas Children.


“From heaven,” Elliott writes, “[the Christmas Children] see their families struggling to deal with their loss. They also see other folks saddened by poverty, broken homes, crime and war. The Christmas Children believe a parade will uplift the spirits of the children and adults around the world by making them aware that hope and beauty are still present just outside their front doors.”


The Christmas Children descend in pairs from heaven to bring the downtrodden out-of-doors to join their parade. The Christmas Children know that joy and optimism is needed to uplift the sorrowful during trying times on Earth.


“Once in the parade,” Elliott writes, “the Christmas spirit touches everyone. The path of the parade gives the people an insight into the wonderful journey that awaits them in life and in heaven.”


The animation itself is of the highest quality and helps to illustrate Elliott’s timeless story of cheer and good tidings toward others, not only during the Christmas season, but all year round, one of the video’s key messages.


“Christmas Children show the miracle of sharing Christmas every day of the year,” the Christmas Children official website proclaims. “Forever Christmas Day!”


The video is available for viewing online worldwide from a variety of sources, as well as at


Byrne Elliott is a composer, storyteller, executive producer and entrepreneur in the Pacific Northwest. He works with impassioned singers, musicians, recording producers, recording engineers and animation companies to bring forth music that fills the hearts and minds of listeners all over the world.


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