Aria Elan debuts first single ‘Smile’ from highly anticipated debut album ‘Smile’



Smile, it’s a natural high…”


(Hollywood, CA – October 7, 2013)


Singer/Songwriter Aria Elan is not new to the entertainment business. She represented James Brown & Miriam Makeba; founded Isis Management & SISI INC; wrote the screenplay and several songs from the musical “Amandla ka Mandela” which was staged to critical acclaim at the Henry Street Settlement theatre in New York City; and worked as a freelance music journalist. Traveling throughout Africa, Europe & the Hawaiian islands, her musical influences are: “as diverse and fragrant as a pot of gumbo.”


With an elegant, unique blend of “feel-good” soul and jazz, Aria takes you on a journey from radiant positivity, “Smile” to heart-wrenching melodic storytelling, “I won’t stop lovin’ you”. Both produced by Karl Marrett of Marrett Productions (Arise, Debra Webb, Stephanie Mullins).


Other notables are “Butterflies” by veteran producer Phred Mosbey of Nu View Media (New Edition, Bell Biv Devoe, Johnny Gill) and romantic “When love is right” by Karl Marrett. Renowned drummer Herman Matthews (Robin Thicke, George Duke, Everette Harp) is showcased on “A Fresh Start”. “Passion” and “I am Reborn”.


The title track “Smile” and 9 other songs on Aria’s debut album allow listeners entry into Aria’s soul. Aria declares: “My time is now.”


For more information on Aria Elan, visit:

Twitter: @ariaelan

Instagram: /ariaelan

Facebook: /ariaelan

Youtube: /ariaelan

and follow hashtag #ariaSmile on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


For bookings and media requests with Aria Elan, please contact Catrina Edwards at


Be sure to catch her official music video for “Smile” on YouTube in November.



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