Failure Theory releases new LP ‘The Fragile Life of Rigidity’



The music artist known as Failure Theory has released his latest LP record album, titled, “The Fragile Life of Rigidity.” The album is comprised of eight original tracks for an approximate total listening time of half an hour. A gritty, grinding and raw collection of the latest Failure Theory material, “The Fragile Life of Rigidity” is a sonic exploration of human limitations and the extremities to which frustrations can lead.


Failure Theory cites as main artistic influences Andy Wallace, Ani DiFranco, and Nine Inch Nails. “The Fragile Life of Rigidity” boasts vocal stylizing with certain attributes that recall Trent Reznor, and has spare and unforgiving guitar licks that would make Ani DiFranco proud. Yet, Failure Theory has a sound all his own, and comparisons stray further from the listening experience than they actually describe it.


The tone of the record is wrapped in its title. When asked to describe how he originally became involved in music, Failure Theory writes, “Don’t really feel like I ever did.”


Asked to comment on any message or meaning the record may have in store for fans, he speaks candidly.


“I don’t know if there is a message,” he says. “It’s really more of a reflection on repeated failure in every facet of life and the accompanying range of emotions.”


Failure Theory’s official bio explains this perceived “repeated failure” in detail.


“I was born with all the advantages of a suburban white kid from a slightly below middle class family,” the bio reads. “The only thing those advantages have ever produced are failure.” It goes on to say that the only thing that makes FT feel “real” is “the sound of well mixed music. The guitars are hypnotic. Rage inducing. Peace-giving. I think great mixing engineers are the greatest musical artists of our time (I wish I were one of them). They paint with sound.”


As a child, Failure Theory was told by his father that he “sucked” at guitar. He describes his social skills as fundamentally lacking.


“I don’t deal with many other people very well,” he writes. “I don’t seem to value the things other people value. An acquaintance once told me that I was a nihilist in the worst kind of way.”


Failure Theory has been recording his own music for years. He has written and recorded two previous records, each one better than the last, yet still sub-par by his own estimation.


“[The second album] was better,” he writes, “in the way dying in a car crash is probably better than dying from cancer. You know it is, but who really gives a s–t.”


Failure Theory has tried to quit music entirely on several occasions, but cannot seem to make the no-sound diet stick, either. In the meantime, he became an attorney at law. Disillusioned at the utter lack of positions in his field after graduation, his aggravations mounted and another album loomed in his imagination.


“And there it was,” his bio concludes. “That sound. It started in my head again. . . The obsessing started again. ‘I’ll just record some covers,’ I said. Before I knew it, I was knee deep in another ‘album.’”


The record would grow to become “The Fragile Life of Rigidity.”


“It’s different:” Failure Theory concludes, “because it’s a little better. It’s the same: because it still sucks. I guess you are what you are. I am a quitter. A quitter that cannot quit. It’s sad. It’s old. It’s melodramatic. It’s me.”


“The Fragile Life of Rigidity” by Failure Theory is available online worldwide.


-S. McCauley

Staff Press Release Writer



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