Singer-songwriter Jerry Hudson releases new single ‘Every Life Tells a Story’

The singer and songwriter known as Jerry Hudson has released his latest single, “Every Life Tells a Story.” The single has been released on the Hudsong music label. An interpersonal, deeply compassionate song, “Every Life Tells a Story” by Jerry Hudson is one of the most heartfelt and humanitarian songs released this year, as well as a quality release from one of the world’s most genuine writers.


Having been inspired to play and write music at the tender age of 17, Jerry Hudson began making tunes after having been introduced to the Beatles. He cites as main artistic influences such legends as the Beatles, Vangelis, and Phil Keaggy. “Every Life Tells a Story,” however, lies more within the genre of traditional folk music. It has few frills, its main attraction being the direct and meaningful delivery and songwriting of Hudson, himself. His vocal and instrumental execution are gentle and sympathetic, and precise without being overwrought. His music is important on an artistic and cultural level because it speaks with deep roots on the human condition, itself.


Hudson’s knack for speaking pure and unadorned, ungilded truth can be seen even in his regular correspondence. Upon being asked to describe the themes explored in “Every Life Tells a Story,” he speaks concisely.


“Your face is like a map that looks into your soul,” he comments.


His official bio is likewise earnest and endearing.


“Hi, I’m Jerry Hudson,” the bio runs. “I’m mostly a songwriter. I’ve been writing songs since I was at least 17, and now I am an old man of 61. I never could quit my day job, so I write and record in my spare time. I hope you like the songs.”


For the audiophile there are few treasures like Hudson’s most recent release. It is increasingly difficult in this era of popular auto-tune and free mixing and mastering software to find an artist with such an unadulterated and beautiful approach to songwriting and performance. Listeners are encouraged to find him sooner rather than later.


“Every Life Tells a Story,” by Jerry Hudson, is available online worldwide.


-S. McCauley

Staff Press Release Writer



The single “Every Life Tells a Story” is distributed globally by MondoTunes ( and is available at iTunes for convenient purchase and download


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