Pop-punk band A Breakaway releases new EP ‘Alone in the Crowd’

The Connecticut crew of hardcore-laced pop-punk music known as A Breakaway have released their flagship new debut EP, titled, “Alone in the Crowd.” The EP is comprised of six original tracks for an approximate total playing time of 25 minutes. Charged with adrenaline, power and endless amounts of youthful vigor, “Alone in the Crowd” by A Breakaway represents an entirely unique meeting point of pop, hardcore music, and latter-day punk rock that is as unpredictable as it is effective and evocative.

Describing the sound of “Alone in the Crowd” is like describing totally disparate bands altogether. Vocals sometimes recall the grating punk tones of Fat Mike from NOFX, yet sometimes the hardcore-inspired screaming of Spencer Chamberlain from Underoath, and even sometimes the autotune-gilt voice of Davey Havok from AFI. Multicolored like the many facets of their singing, their guitars are often melodic for whole measures, but suddenly chug into a hardcore-era breakdown while their drums pound out a double kick-pedal battlefront shelling.

Inspiring awe from moment to moment with their variety, ability, and tonal scope, A Breakaway are aptly named on this debut EP, which stands as proof that there are still some genres that can be reworked in new and surprising ways.

Perhaps the most likeable quality of A Breakaway, however, is their endearing earnestness and no-nonsense approach to the music-listening public at large. Their character is devoid of arrogance at any stage, and their artistic principles are pure, uncompromised, and marked with a compassionate humanism that is extremely rare to find in a subgenre full of primadonnas and poseur tough guys.

“We write our music about events and things that happen in our lives,” says A Breakaway. “It is very honest because it all comes from the heart. We would love for our listeners to be able to connect and relate to it, allowing them to feel what we felt when the songs were written.”

These sentiments come across clearly when listening to “Alone in the Crowd.” Even the EP’s title communicates a general sympathy for humankind and a bond with their listeners.

“This album is a collection of stories from our lives,” they explain, “so there really isn’t a singular message that we are trying to spread. Instead, our real goal is that people can connect with our music, allowing it to help (or in some way accompany) them through similar situations.”

“Alone in the Crowd” by A Breakaway is available online worldwide. Hardcore and punk-rock fans alike are encouraged to give this eye-opening and unlikely record a good listen.

-S. McCauley

Staff Press Release Writer


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