Cnote of Bloods and Crips fame releases solo single ‘F. U. Industry N-ggas’

Cnote, who gained international fame with her wildly controversial band, Bloods and Crips, has released her latest solo rap single, titled, “F. U. Industry N-ggas” on the Salute the West record label. The song is an enraged, yet intelligent indictment of the American corporate music industry, which has been under fire as early as the 1960s for taking advantage of musicians, censoring or blacklisting artists, and for practicing unethical marketing strategies across all genres of music.

In “F. U. Industry N-ggas,” Cnote’s voice and fists are raised against fat-cat music industry businessmen in support of all artists, as well as for the music listening public. Musically speaking, her single also raises several modern hip hop standards. “F. U. Industry N-ggas” is no thrown-together project, but rather a work of courageous and home-hitting artistic integrity.

Cnote (AKA Danny Gyrl) is a true poet of the urban underground, each of her lines and rhymes being crafted with the greatest skill and utmost honesty. Her words cut like jagged glass, her chorus pounds like 50-caliber shells from a battleship, each shot aimed directly at the top of the corporate ladder. The back beat is driving and full of groove, yet unobtrusive, the way rap used to be. Enjoining Cnote is a steady, vibrant electric guitar playing licks hotter than the surface of the sun.

Cnote’s musical history is storied and braided with music history, itself, her experience with Bloods and Crips cementing her in the chronicles of the underground rap movement. The legendary band was assembled by producer Ronnie Phillips with rappers Redrum 781 and Tweedy Bird Loc in 1993. This seminal rap band, composed of actual inner-city gang members, released two Billboard-charting albums of what would soon come to be called “gangsta” rap. Many of its members are now deceased, and Cnote’s own death was rumored.

This forms part of the impetus for her founding an independent record label, Salute the West. The rest of the inspiration comes from a genuine, inborn desire to hit the Man back, and to hit him hard. Reprinted here in its entirety is the declaration of war in Cnote’s own words:

“The single was written for artists who have had their dreams stolen by someone in the entertainment business, for anyone used, mistreated, blackballed, walked on, or sexually harassed by anyone in the music business. I wanted to give them a voice through this song. I’ve heard a lot of bad stories about stolen dreams, and I may not be able to help those [victims] fulfill them, but I can give them a voice through my songs.”

And as for the music, itself? “As for the album, it will be a street album,” she writes.

Indeed, it will – and it will bang on wax, as the famous Bloods and Crips song goes.

The single “F. U. Industry N-ggas” is available online worldwide beginning late March, 2013.

Cnote’s performances in Bloods and Crips official music videos are also available for viewing online. Her YouTube channel is available at MissCnoteDannygyrl (see especially, “Steady Dippin”).

-S. McCauley

Staff Press Release Writer


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