Giuseppe Galante releases new single, “Canon in D for 2 Trumpets, Organ and Orchestra”

The trumpet virtuoso known as Giuseppe Galante has released his newest classical music single, Pachelbel’s “Canon in D for 2 Trumpets, Organ and Orchestra.”

The trumpet virtuoso Giuseppe Galante has published his newest classical music single, the seminal work of undying tradition known as “Canon in D” by Johann Pachelbel, Galante’s rendition being orchestrated particularly “for 2 Trumpets, Organ, and Orchestra.” This is the first official, public release by Galante since his masterful treatment of Johann Ernst Altenburg’s “Concerto for 7 Trumpets and Timpani, Movement 1 Allegro,” published in early-mid February of 2013.

Galante’s “Canon…” differs in surprising ways from his delivery of Altenburg’s concerto, and though each release proves beyond any doubt that Galante is one of the best trumpet players of classical music living today, the contrast in these performances shows that he is not only a man of great precision with his instrument, but also an artist of vast scope and versatility. His performance of Altenburg adds much life and verve to the piece (which is saying much – Altenburg’s beautiful “Concerto for 7 Trumpets…” is a work of great control and restraint) but Galante’s “Canon in D” is somewhat more lighthearted and full of joie de vivre. His version of “Canon…” downplays the marching cadence of the song, the hypnotizing rhythm of which is typically (and tragically) over-emphasized. He allows himself to blend the open and close of each individual note from his trumpet with the rest of the orchestra in a manner that almost seems impossible for a trumpet to do, creating an almost vocal effect from the instrument. In other words, rather than the blasting sound for which the trumpet is often stereotyped, Galante’s trumpet actually sounds like it is singing.

Galante was first introduced to music through his father, Rosario, who played clarinet in the Italian Army. However, it was not until he won a Most-Improved Instrumentalist award in seventh grade that included an album by the legendary French trumpeter, Maurice Andre, that he became absolutely inspired to conquer the instrument. Galante has said that he considers Andre to be the greatest trumpeter in the history of brass, and that he represents the only real artistic influence on Galante himself.

Galante graduated from the Crane School of Music and was awarded accolades there, also, including his Performer’s Certificate in Trumpet for Superior Performance, as well as The Certificate of Merit for Superior Contributions. He was selected by the Crane School for their Concerto Program, where he was selected to perform Albinoni’s “Concerto in D-Minor” with the Crane Symphony. He was also honored with the chance to perform the first movement of Tartini’s “Trumpet Concerto” in concert and on tour with the Crane School’s Wind Ensemble.
Giuseppe Galante has performed with the Artpark Orchestra, the Gotham Brass Quintet, the Hutchinson River Chamber Players, and the Norwalk Symphony. Since 1989, he has been instructing the youth of today in music, and has stated clearly that this represents to him a most honorable profession. He has studied trumpet under Clarke Elliot, Dr. Manuel Alvarez, Sherman Lyke, Dr. Michael Tunnell, Everett McCurdy, Dr. John Ellis, David Kuehn, and Edward Treutel.

Giuseppe Galante’s “Canon in D for 2 Trumpets, Organ and Orchestra” by Pachelbel is available online everywhere beginning March 1, 2013.

-S. McCauley

Staff Press Release Writer


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