Little Mountain Publications releases new LP “Artaban the Other Wiseman Narration/Piano/Vocals”

Utah-based Little Mountain Publications has released their epic debut musical, “Artaban the Other Wiseman,” this comprehensive version with accompanying narration, piano, and vocals.

Utah-based Little Mountain Publications has released their epic debut musical, “Artaban the Other Wiseman Narration/Piano/Vocals,” this being the most comprehensive version. It is likely the best introduction to LMP’s “Artaban…” series of albums, which also currently includes “Artaban the Other Wiseman Piano Accompaniment” and “Artaban the Other Wiseman Piano/Vocal.” Appropriately for the genre of musical theater, these LP records serve all the purposes necessary to enjoy the remarkable orchestration, lyricism, and inspirational story.

The music of “Artaban the Other Wiseman” is composed by Daniel Carter, while the accompanying narration is authored by Einer and Grace Bjarnson, and voiced by Jesse Bennett. It is based on the original 1896 story by Henry Van Dyke, “The Other Wiseman.”

The tale as told by Carter and the Bjarnsons revolves around a magus, Artaban, and his former friend turned nemesis, Rashne. Over 30 years Artaban seeks the Messiah and helps others along the way, but is repeatedly hindered by Rashne, each confrontation bringing the humble hero further insight into his spiritual journey, as well as a good deal of suffering to temper him. This iteration of “Artaban the Other Wiseman” makes a small departure from Van Dyke’s original plot, in that the protagonist’s celestial epiphany is plainly expressed, rather than implied, before the story’s conclusion. Artaban learns that the deeper meaning of “seeking and finding” the Holy, Anointed One means that he has found and worshiped his King through the serving of others all throughout his quest. Says Artaban in the musical’s apex and conclusion, “I have found my king. He is in my heart and in my eyes…”

Daniel Carter, an autodidact pianist, began composing at 16 in 1971. He graduated from BYU in musical composition, having already published a number songs. He owns his own publishing company and has well over 300 compositions to his credit. He co-authored a stage musical in his early 20s, “Can’t Stand Still,” that ran for a season at Robert Redford’s Sundance Summer Theater. His music has been sung and recorded by the Tabernacle Choir, and hundreds of singing groups across the United States have been performing his music for decades.

Einer and Grace Bjarnson are a father-daughter stage and screen writing team who have collaborated with Daniel Carter for some 30 years in both performing his music, along with other members of the Bjarnson family. Their epic musical, “Artaban the Other Wiseman” has been in development for over ten years. In 2008, it was temporarily shelved to work on a smaller, more narrative-based, version of the play, which after three more years resulted in “Artaban the Other Wiseman Narration/Piano/Vocal.”

Little Mountain Publications has released this album (with the “Artaban…Performance Book) in order to introduce the story to the public, after which a libretto for the complete two-hour epic musical will be released with complete orchestration.

-S. McCauley

Staff Press Release Writer


The LP “Artaban the Other Wiseman Narration/Piano/Vocals” is distributed globally by MondoTunes ( and is available at iTunes for convenient purchase and download

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