UK prog rock band Riversea releases debut album “Out of an Ancient World”

UK prog rock band Riversea has released their debut LP album “Out of an Ancient World”

UK prog rock band Riversea has released their debut LP album “Out of an Ancient World.” The album is a collection of the band’s best material going back to their inception in 2006, but does not include their full catalog to date. Their largely progressive-rock tone is aetherial, a truly epic wall of sound that comes from far away and deep within, long ago and from the future, somehow. With carefully orchestrated live instrumentation blended seamlessly alongside gorgeous digital music, Riversea has composed a gigantic, titanic work of audible art that demands attention from all fans of great music.

The idea for Riversea,” writes Atkinson, “was first formed as a song writing collaboration between Brendan Eyre and myself. Brendan, a keyboard orientated songwriter, gave me a CD copy of his 2005 solo album, and I really liked what I heard.”

This collaboration grew into a partnership, but the two lived a considerable distance apart. Eyre sent Atkinson the instrumental portion of what would become the title track of “Out of an Ancient World,” their first record, on a digital CD. As a singer-songwriter writing on acoustic guitar, Atkinson wrote lyrics for the track, and added melodies and vocals in his studio at York. The song, which was incidentally their first, stands a mile high as the closing track of the album.

It was this closing title song, “Out of an Ancient World,” that originally began a period of CD and musical concept swapping between Atkinson and Eyre that has resulted in this, their debut record. The writing and overall production of the album has been no small task. “All the songs on the album were written this way over a period of almost five years,” Atkinson writes. Ironically, just as the first song they recorded seemed most fitting at the end of the record, Atkinson says, “the last song we wrote together towards the end of 2010 became the album opener: ‘In The Beginning…’”

Strictly speaking, Riversea is not only a duo, however. Over the years they have enlisted the aid of several extremely talented artists, or as Atkinson calls them: “some friends who also happened to be wonderful musicians.” These additions have helped to complete the Riversea sound that the listener experiences on “Out of an Ancient World.”

From the band Mostly Autumn, Riversea has garnered the talents of Bryan Josh, Liam Davison, and Olivia Sparnenn. The rest of their friends in arts come from a wide variety of groups: Paul Cusick, Adrian Jones (Nine Stones Close), Ashley Mulford (Mandalaband), Mark Rowen (Breathing Space), Adam Dawson (Stolen Earth), Dave Clements (Kings of Queen), Janine Atkinson Benn (The Dark Flowers), Louise Dawson (The Wigglers) and Alex Cromarty (Heather Findlay Band).

The work of Riversea has produced an epic progressive rock album that deserves recognition from every fan of epic, wall-of-sound music. Simply put, “Out of an Ancient World” is not to be missed.

-S. McCauley

Staff Press Release Writer


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