New York alt-rock indie band The Racer releases LP “Passengers”

New York alternative rock indie band The Racer is releasing their newest LP album “Passengers”

Indie rock band from New York, The Racer is releasing their newest LP album, “Passengers.” The record is their most ambitious project to date, with over forty minutes of original music in twelve tracks, including a powerful introduction. The sound is easily better than the most popular singles being played on alternative radio stations today, and while this may seem extremely biased, even by music-journalism standards, the sheer divide between the quality of today’s top performers and the superior power, groove and elegance of The Racer remains positively undeniable.

The sound of “Passengers” is grounded in alternative rock with indie rock overtones, similar to what might happen with a cross between early Pearl Jam and late Fugazi, with Pearl Jam lending their exceptional vocals and overarching tenderness through every hard-rocking moment, and Fugazi representing the profound creativity and complexity that infuses each of The Racer’s tracks, both in lyrical poetry and prominence of percussion.

The Racer’s guitars use a tasteful array of tones, some warm with a balanced amount of distortion, some clean and full of middle-range, all of them played with neither pretentiousness nor frivolity. The bass is more than a backbone, its lines cleverly walking up and down the neck in perfect marriage to the drums. The Racer’s drums are arresting, volatile, and often surprising – never predictable except in keeping consistent time. Their vocals, even amid this surging sea of remarkable talent in composition and performance, still manage to stand out. The singing is intrepid, clarion, and beautiful without being effeminate, a quality most male singers in the indie rock scene have forgotten. Lyrics, too, along with the rest of the songwriting, are key components to what makes The Racer truly incredible.

Of their writing on “Passengers,” The Racer says, “The album fictionalizes a car crash in order to explore some different, very specific memories from all our lives. The message varies by song, but overall there is a general theme of never giving up or letting go of your dreams – no matter how it makes you look in other people’s eyes.” Additionally, The Racer has written that “Passengers” is a “deliberate and imaginative exploration of the moment-of-death soul searching that occurs in the wake of a devastating, fictional accident. Every aspect, from the lyrics and musical arrangements to the recording process and artwork, was approached under the pretext of this narrative.”

The Racer (formerly known as Stuedabakerbrown) are long overdue for a mainstream hit record. “Passengers” follows on the heels of The Racer’s 2010 debut LP record, “Strangers We’ll Become,” with which they have garnered considerable success. Music from “Strangers We’ll Become” has been featured on such television programs as MTV’s “Jersey Shore,” “The Real World: New Orleans,”and “The Challenge.” Additionally, their single, “Couch Sitting Rattlesnake” has been made available for the blockbuster video game, “Rock Band 3.”

Whether “Passengers” will be the album that moves The Racer into the mainstream spotlight or not remains to be seen, but the question of success is plainly answered. As a work of fine musical art, more success has not been seen in a record than exists in “Passengers” by The Racer. Veteran listeners and music fans, you have been alerted.

-S. McCauley

Staff Press Release Writer


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