Tao Mokoda releases debut LP, “Ride”

Ky. Bassist Tao Mokoda releases debut LP, “Ride”

Tao Mokoda loves the bass. The Louisville, KY native picked up the instrument at the age of 18, and quickly fell into a deep affair that had him playing for up to five hours, every single day. That hard work has paid off, with the release of his debut LP album, “Ride.”

“When I was 18, I was in the U. S. Air Force, and was stationed on a very small base near a very small town and got very bored very quickly. After wasting money on several hobbies I eventually lost interest in, I decided one day to learn to play bass, just because I saw one in a military store. I didn’t realize it, but I would soon fall in love with the bass, and music in general. I learned fast, mostly because I had no idea how long it was ’supposed’ to take to learn to play well and because I practiced up to 4-5 hours a day, even more on some weekends!”

Musically, “Ride” covers a lot of territory. Jazz, funk, rock, soul, even hip hop are all playgrounds for his mercurial bass. As he puts it, “I just love the way sounds, tones, harmonies and rhythms can be combined and played against each other in interesting ways.”

“Hot sauce” features an up-tempo Latin beat, and one heck of a spicy keyboard melody that provides a perfect counterpoint to the rollicking bass lines. “Same Old Song,” is a classic piece of hip hop that would sound natural at any block party. “Ageless” is a driving rock anthem with pounding rhythms. “Old Man,” is all kinds of funky, with an old-school sensibility and infectious rhythm that carries a deeply personal message.

That sense of personal expression comes through on every track. Tao Mokoda just loves music, and he wants to share that love with the world.

“My foundational music philosophy comes from something I read that Maurice White of Earth, Wind & Fire, whom I very highly respect, said; “I will always make music even if no one pays me a quarter to hear any of it.”

“Ride” is a stunning first effort, and it’s clear that this “Ride” isn’t the end of Mokoda’s journey.

-S. McCauley

Staff Press Release Writer


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