JoJo Jupiter’s “Space Medicine” is here to vaccinate your mind

Seattle rockers release LP “Space Medicine”

JoJo Jupiter is a Seattle two-piece that’s been rocking the Emerald City with their unique brand of offbeat minimalist blues-rock psychedelica since 2010. “Space Medicine” is set to take their message to the masses.

Based on a philosophy they describe as “founded on a strong subconscious mind and wilderness connection,” the duo champion free thinking, alternative modes of living, and defying authority. If Arlo Guthrie had schizophrenia and lost his home to imminent domain, this is the album he would have made.

Despite their small footprint, guitarist Darren Dencklau and drummer/vocalist Scott Johnson (aka “Skin Richards”) manage to create a sound that’s got plenty of weight.

Richards’ vocals have all the bluster of Mick Jagger in his prime, and blend seamlessly with the lo-fi virtuosity of Dencklau’s guitar melodies. Those melodies can shift from a crackling howl, into a velvety campfire sonata, and back again before you know it.

The pair cite The Melvins, Captain Beefheart, Fugazi, Monster Magnet, The Black Keys, Mott the Hoople, and the Black Angels among their influences. That comes out clearly in the album.

“Welcome To The New Urban Wilderness,” the lead track on the album, establishes itself with a backwoods swagger and reeling, tilt-a-whirl of guitar that’s heady even before you hear the lyrics.  “The Inner Soul Searchers” is a bluesy swamp-rock jam that’s so heavy it should come with a warning label. “Ayahuasca Daydream” lives up to its name perfectly. “Big Brother” is funky, with an intricate guitar melody that moves like a greased pig. “Get On Out Of There” is an anarchist freight train barreling down the tracks with complete abandon.

The first song is also the last song. An alternate version of “Welcome To The New Urban Wilderness,” reimagines the tune as a distortion-soaked manifesto. Don’t try to figure out which version is better, because it can’t be done.

The nine-track LP sells for $5, it would be a steal at twice the price.

– L. Cutler

Staff Press Release Writer


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