San Jose Music Group Flesh Weapon Releases First Full-Length Album “Future(Expensive)”

The San Jose music group Flesh Weapon has released their much-anticipated full-length album, “Future(Expensive).”


Following fanfare and the white-knuckled effort of its members, San Jose music group Flesh Weapon has released their highly anticipated full-length album titled “Future(Expensive).” This, their premier and flagship record, is a collection of spacious beat-infused tracks intertwined with cybernetic melodies and razor-sharp rhymes, each line of which they rap with precision, intent, and tact. “Future(Expensive)” is easily the most thought-provoking and talented project to emerge from the genre in over a decade, with rhythm and bass oozing from its every seam, brutal honesty and intellect from every line.


Flesh Weapon’s sound borrows from many artists from many various areas of musicianship, from late-nineties industrial music to alternative rock and hardcore, but although the amalgam may seem counter-intuitive, a thread of unwavering quality and taste runs through every cut on the record that weaves a cohesive product together, one full of power, passion, and their own brand of constructive violence. The vocals are reminiscent of Maynard Keenan of Tool, crooning and lurking. The rapping is absolutely first-rate, brilliantly crafted and expertly executed, but at no time does it eclipse the background mix, a clever blend of loops and original instrumental work that can surprise in its originality and often invite eyebrow raising.


Younger fans will miss out on several inside jokes, such as the melody in Flesh Weapon’s track, “Brutal Honesty,” which appropriately features the theme from Nintendo’s Metroid game, a game wholly based on the concept of bio-mechanical horror. “Hearts of Men” rounds out with the spooky chord progression NASA uses to communicate to extraterrestrials in Steven Spielberg’s 1977 film, “Close Encounters of the Third Kind.” Whether the ironies are lost on the youth of today or not, however, Flesh Weapon’s sound communicates clearly in the language of unrelenting aggression and electronic groove.


Flesh Weapon’s name is itself intended as a bleak warning and sign of the times. “We all use our bodies and minds as potential weapons, both against each other and the world around us,” says frontman Nos Leratz. F.W.’s writer/performers pay at least as much attention to what they are rapping about as they do to how they sound while rapping. Their focus is occasionally personal and intimate, but more often regards social awareness and their views on the modern human condition. In the standard viciousness they use to decry everything they feel strongly about, Flesh Weapon bluntly accuses, “You worship things you purchase, then converse with charming serpents,” a line perhaps more akin to artists such as Tool or Bad Religion, but which lends itself perfectly to the sober, yet rabidly enraged tone of Flesh Weapon’s record. Come for the beats and stay for the edification. Fans of bling, tricks and ho’s need not apply.



The LP “Future(Expensive)” is distributed globally by MondoTunes ( and is available at iTunes for convenient purchase and download


MondoTunes ( supplies the largest music distribution in the world and provides upstream services for many major labels in search of breakout artists. While most independent distributors reach only 45-50 retailers despite charging needless monthly and yearly fees, MondoTunes reaches over 750 retailers and mobile partners in over 100 world regions without any monthly or yearly fees.




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