Progressive Music Artist Jeff Price Releases First Full-Length Album, “The Theatric Fantastic”

Orange County composer of progressive music, Jeff Price, has released his first full-length album, “The Theatric Fantastic.”

Jeff Price

Having honed his skills as a composer and live performer, Southern California musician Jeff Price has found time to release his first official full-length album, “The Theatric Fantastic.” The album features Price himself in a dizzying variety of roles, including pianist, vocalist, backing vocals, writer, producer, engineer, and many more. The sound, although inspired by the operatic rock group, Queen, is entirely his own, a roaring, surging current of choral crescendo, while at times being carried solely by a few notes on the piano.

Jeff Price is a progressive musician hailing from Santa Ana in Orange County, California, a hotbed of musical subculture that regularly produces high-profile pop artists such as No Doubt, the Offspring, and the Vandals. His works rely on heavy vocal orchestration, the performance of which Price seems more than comfortable executing live as a tenor, mezzo-soprano, or falsetto a la Freddy Mercury in a range of over four octaves.

At several points on the record, Price performs duets with himself in the classic point, counterpoint style of opera. This also forms the basis for his live performance, which is aided by the unabashed (and entirely appropriate) use of prerecorded vocals and various accoutrements, allowing his stage presence to fill a concert hall more than might seem likely for a man playing solo on a piano. Once, when asked to play a battle-of-the-bands as a stand-in at a local Southern California university, Price hurried to the stage with only twenty minutes before curtain time, instantly captured the attention and appreciation of the audience, and won the competition.

Jeff started making music in high school and began recording while completing his BS and MS from UC Riverside. Of his album, “The Theatric Fantastic,” Price says, “It feels more like a twist on an opera than a typical singer/songwriter album.” Daisy Caplan, bassist of hit Ohio punk/glam rock ensemble Foxy Shazam, speaks more highly of it, saying, “His debut album is [expletive] good. The vocals are orgasmic, the arrangements sublime – this [expletive] is unbelievable.”

Jeff Price's promotional EP is free for download when you become part of his fan club at his website,

A recently released Jeff Price video [explicit lyrics] may be viewed here:

The LP “The Theatric Fantastic” is distributed globally by MondoTunes ( and is available at iTunes for convenient purchase and download


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